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British Business Bank Extends Saftey Net

The oscillations of the world’s equity markets are a good indicator of instability and uncertainty in the underlying economies. While we appreciate that this is hardly news, that instability may have an effect on the ability of small- and medium-sized companies to service funding debt of the kind facilitated on platforms like Money&Co.’s. For the […]

Bank Figures Highlight Relationship Between Risk, Access And Yield

Cliche, truism, hoary old chestnut? Take your pick, but the truth remains: there’s no profit without risk. We constantly stress the importance of understanding risk. It’s a precondition of lending – the attractive yields our lenders have achieved (over eight per cent across more than five years) comes at the price of the risk to […]

UK SMEs Still Need Scale-Up Funding – Plus Loan Latest

Word from the risk-analysis team is that several new loan offers are due on site soon. Meanwhile, the current A-rated, three-year, 8 per cent fixed-rate offer is still available. The borrowing small businesses will be getting funding to grow, while the lenders will get good return on capital (subject to risks – remember to read […]

British Business Bank And P2P Sector Deliver £717m Credit To Fund-Hungry SMEs

It’s often dangerous to draw broad conclusions from small data sets. But our own positive experience of demand for peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans (from individual lenders and borrowing SMEs alike) is mirrored in the larger picture reported by our friends at P2P Finance News.   “PEER-TO-PEER lenders were among the delivery partners helping the British […]

Crowdfunders, AltFi And FinTech Must Beat SME Funding Drum

Maybe it’s just British reticence, but is seems that we – that’s the alternative-finance and Fintech sector – are just not loud enough. We need to make more noise, to beat our own drum more boldly. We need to make ourselves heard and understood by the small- and medium-sized businesses that online crowdfunding business lending […]

‘Alternative SME Funding Plethora On Tap,’ Say ICAEW And BBB

Economia, a specialist journal for accountants and economists, reports on a new SME alternative funding survey, conducted by an accounting trade body and the government-sponsored British Business Bank. The upshot is that the money is basically on tap, but SMEs remain unaware: “ICAEW and the British Business Bank (BBB) have teamed up with more than […]

Crowdfunding, British Business Bank – And Mixed Messages

It’s not quite the seething mass of contradiction offered by the Brexit debate, but the crowdfunding and alternative finance scene is certainly not short of mixed messages. Yesterday’s story on the Deloitte report suggesting that banks wouldn’t be facing that stiff a competitive challenge from peer-to-peer (P2P) business lenders is followed by a tale of […]