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‘Banks Aren’t Really There For SMEs’ – Nicola Horlick

Change is the name of our game. The Fund Forum International at the Grimaldi Centre in Monaco calls itself the largest fund management forum in the world. Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick, used to be a high-profile manager in the traditional business of asset management. Yesterday, she spoke at the opening conference session, and startled a […]

Money&Co. Joins ABF, Where SME Funding Is £6bn And Rising

It’s an undoubted truism: there’s strength in numbers. And we’re delighted to announce that today we are joining the Alternative Business Funding (ABF) hub. The ABF is now 50-strong, and describes itself as a “leading alternative-funding platform, which successfully lobbied for the new banking referral legislation – estimated to pump an additional £2 billion in business […]

SMEs Must Invest – And Borrowing Is Best

Following the credit crunch, debt has become a bit of dirty word and many UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are now classed as permanent non-borrowers. Given that productivity is a big problem in the UK, this suggests that there has been a lack of investment by British companies and this is partially due to […]

How Do Lenders Work Out Which Borrower To Back?

Forbes may have some answers to this question. The this week the renowned US business media organisation reported on figures published by the UK’s Federation of Small Business (the FSB): “Around 60 per cent of loan applications by members the last three months were approved by lenders. That compared with just 45 per cent a […]

Treasury SME Lending Frustrations – And What’s Really Happening

This week’s Treasury Select Committee Report on lending to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has an undertone of frustration that the area is still dominated by traditional sources of finance. Money&Co. issued a short statement on the direction of SME financing, and our hopes and expectations regarding the benign disruption to be expected from peer-to-peer […]

UK SMEs Overtake German Counterparts

Our CEO opines on a very significant, but largely unheralded, achievement in the SME sector.   The Mittelstand has long been held up as a gem sitting in the midst of the German economy. There are 44,000 mid-sized companies in Germany with the vast majority remaining in family ownership. Collectively they employ 9.2 million people. […]

Money&Co. P2P Manufacturing Loan: 8% For Savers, Flexible Funds For Management

The Milturn Precision Engineering loan worked really well for lenders and borrower alike The borrowers’ side of Money&Co.’s peer-to-peer lending (P2P) operation is all about providing liquidity that allows UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be flexible and creative in their business dealings. The lending side of that self-same equation means that lenders to […]

Flexible FCA Fuels Crowdfunding Innovation And Growth

Martin Wheatley of the Financial Conduct Authority These are exciting times. Crowdfunding continues to grow at a fast and increasingly rapid rate – and loan-based crowdfunding, of the kind we provide at Money&Co. – is geared to promote growth in the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. That is also good news for savers […]