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High-Profile Departures Shock Crypto World – But Not The Market

There’s news of two departures for two different reasons in the cryptocurrency sector. One of the high-profile figures leaving is a co-founder of Dogecoin – founded as a joke and subsequently ramped high by Elon Musk (Why? Perhaps simplybecause, with his millions of social-media followers, he could…). The shock waves of the abrupt resignations are […]

Familiar Names, New Alliances In Cryptoland – Plus Loan Latest

The twins may not have got the billions they wanted from Facebook, but they do keep coming. Here’s another Winkelvoss deal, a crypto alliance featured in a report from our friends  at Finextra: Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has teamed up with Mastercard and WebBank for its upcoming credit card that lets users earn crypto rewards. In […]