Monthly Archives: October 2018

New Loans Set Land: So Let’s Re-Examine Basics – Security, Access, Yield

It’s no secret that we’ve been lining up new loan offerings, and that these attractive, property-backed creatures will be landing imminently on site. It’s at such times that a moment of quiet reflection and reappraisal is essential. We believe at Money&Co. that the key factors of asset appraisal for any investor’s consideration are security, access […]

Robo Advisers Can Help P2P On March To Asset Class Mainstream

Our friends at AltFi look at the latest annual report filings from robo-adviser, Nutmeg. Robo advisers and algorithm-led investment decision making generally are important to new sectors like peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. We need to make P2P better-understood and ventilate the idea that it can be considered a “mainstream” asset class. And we’re confident that the […]