Monthly Archives: November 2016

Loan Latest: A-Rated Offer May Close Early

We’re delighted to report that our new loan, from repeat borrower, specialist publisher, Lawpack, is very popular. In fewer than four working days it is 90 per cent funded, and there is a strong chance of an early close to the auction. The loan is A-rated, and has an indicative gross yield of 8.5 per […]

FinTech’s Future And A Non-Event…

The Autumn Statement was something of a non-event. Soon, indeed, it will no longer be an event at all, as Chancellor Hammond informed us that the Autumn Statement was to be discontinued. This common-sense pronouncement was the most significant news item of the day. In the lull after the non-storm, we bring you a rather […]

AltFi Growth Needs No Quick Fixes

Ahead of the Autumn Statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, we see healthy growth on the equity side of the crowdfunding fence. This, garnered from Lexology, is an encouraging read. “In 2014-15, 3,265 companies raised £1.8 billion through EIS funding and 2,290 companies raised £175 million through SEIS funding which is an increase of […]

SME Funding ‘Still Below Pre-Crisis Levels’ – KPMG

Today, an opinion piece from KPMG offers this somewhat depressing news: “Lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has never returned to its pre-financial crisis levels. Peter Tuvey, co-founder and managing partner of Fleximize, a UK-based alternative business lender, discusses the bank referral scheme and how alternative finance can benefit SMEs. “Earlier this month, the government’s […]

SMEs Miss AltFi Funding – And Growth – Opportunities

Our friends at Small Business UK look at recent research into small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) activity and confidence. The message is all too familiar: many SMEs don’t consider funding options other than the mainstream – and this is hampering growth. “Small business growth and investment activity is being put under threat by concerns over […]

The Search For Income: Great Savings Robbery Revisited

As interest rates remain stubbornly in the Doldrums, the search for income becomes more of an imperative. Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick, looks at this imperative from the perspective of the pension saver in today’s blog. And we thought we’d revisit our news coverage of what we have consistently described as the Great Savings Robbery. Here’s […]

Deposit Returns Not SSAS-y Enough For Pension Income

Many people now have a Self-Invested Personal Pension (“SIPP”) or a Small Self-Administered Scheme (“SSAS”) for some or part of their pension arrangements. An interesting statistic is that almost half of the assets sitting in these schemes are held in cash, despite the fact that the rates offered by pension administrators range from zero to […]

P2P Lending And The Mainstream-Alternative Finance Dynamic

It was only a matter of time… We’re talking about the developments at Zopa, the UK’s oldest peer-to-peer lender. The relationship between the mainstream and alternative finance sectors is a dynamic one – some might even call it fractious. Here’s the news, via our friends at The Financial Times. You may need a subscription to read the […]