Monthly Archives: June 2019

Modern Savings Market: Great Savings Robbery Or ‘Betrayal’?

The language may be emotive but the loss is real. We have over the years often referred to the terribly low savings rates offered by banks and building societies to investors as the Great Savings Robbery. The point is simple: savings rates are consistently low, and borrowers find themselves paying higher rates. See some of […]

Facebook’s ‘Central Bank’ Crypto Role – Plus Loan Latest

Central governments are generally thought of as being off the pace in the cryptocurrency world. Money&Co.’s two ha’pence on the subject is that this perception is broadly true. One thing is sure: the world’s governments and their regulators are set to face a challenge like never before with the advent of Facebook’s own digital coin. […]

Crowded Out? P2P Player Favours Institutions – Plus Loan Latest

We see that a major player in the peer-to-peer industry appears to be moving further away rom individual investors in favour of institutions. We excerpt a news report below. Our comment on this is twofold. First, we remain committed to keeping the crowd in crowdfunding (see earlier articles). Second, all this is fine, if Funding […]

P2P Investment Trusts: Persistence, Smart Timing Or Bad Luck?

Is this persistence, smart timing, or just bad luck? We report regularly here on the travails suffered by some players seeking to open new avenues into peer-to-peer (P2P) investing. After the problems experienced by Funding Circle’s investment trust, there’s a launch of a similar vehicle by Augmentum, as reported by our friends at P2P Finance […]