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Of Caution And Unicorns – Confusion In FinTech World

  Today’s news-gathering brings tidings of tales that vary from measured prudence to something from across the Pond that looks rather like irrational exuberance. P2P Finance News reports: The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) new chief executive Nikhil Rathi has said that the regulator will be focusing on the risks involved with higher-return investments, as he […]

Covid Pandemic Is Hitting Youth Hardest

These are momentous times. And, political tumult notwithstanding, financially and mentally difficult ones for many. Our friends at P2P Finance News adduce two separate pieces of research which have concluded that people aged 18 to 24 have been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. According to a poll by credit reference agency Credit Kudos, 37 […]

SME Funding Optimists: Badly Informed Pessimists?

“Despite economic uncertainty, angel investors are continuing to invest in early-stage businesses and are optimistic about the future, the British Business Bank has found.” Is this a realistic appraisal or something akin to the jingoistic drivel (eyes, shut, fingers in ears – it’s all fine) we’re being fed on the political front? Our friends at […]

Covid Crisis Promotes Innovation In SME Management

Change is the one constant of the stories surrounding Covid-19 and its effect on our markets – small and medium-sized companies, and FinTech players in the alternative-finance sector. More on the problems of bounce-back loans soon. Meanwhile, our friends at P2P Finance News P2P Finance News report research on the new thinking the crisis has […]

Negative Deposit Rates Pile On Misery For Income-Deprived Investors

We hate to say it, but we told you so. Negative deposit rates have finally arrived – albeit as a way of charging for forex transactions. The Daily Mail reports: Starling has become the first British bank to introduce negative interest rates for personal account customers, though only those who hold high balances in euros […]

Covid-19 Crisis, IFISAs, And The Road Ahead For Direct Lending

Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick has pointed to a substantial drop in Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) inflows this years. She argues the Covid-19 crisis is a major contributor factor to the downturn. Nicola spoke to our friends at P2P Finance News, and we offer their accurate report of a recent interview as a reprise of Nicola’s […]

The Search For FinTech Investment: FCA Pushes Institutional Route

The FinTech sector is agile and far less affected by the horrors of Covid-19 than many more mainstream sectors of the economy. Nevertheless, many FinTechs are seeking niche business models, often involving secured lending (in the case of direct lenders) and are looking for consolidation and to bolster their capital reserves. News reaches us from […]