Monthly Archives: March 2014

Jacob’s Coconut Capital Success

Jacob was having an “early mid-life crisis” when a drink of coconut water on an Asian beach set him on the path to founding Cocofina. For Jacob, that drink spoke of his home (Kerala in India, whence he hails, means “land of coconuts”, he says). Now, Cocofina has a diverse product range of coconut-based drinks […]

2014: Crowdfunding’s Year Of Change

The high-street banks may not want to lend, but they may be forced to point would-be borrowers in the direction of other potential sources of finance. This week sees the beginning of a governmental review process, whereby banks may be required to make companies aware of alternative sources of finance, including crowdfunding, reports the Telegraph. […]

Just Nuts About Coconuts

One company that recently approached Money&Co. for P2B crowdfunding finance is coconut-water and healthfood-snack company, Cocofina. We won’t – and cannot, for regulatory reasons – comment on the company’s business. Prospective lenders will have to make up their minds about the offering for themselves. But we were struck by the attitude and confidence of Cocofina […]

Crowdfunding and P2B To Go Mainstream

“Crowdfunding and Person-To-Business financing (P2B) are relatively new parts of the finance industry – or at least their popularity is relatively new,” says Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick. Money&Co. notes with interest how quickly that popularity is increasing. A recent report by Reuters indicates¬†that “a British hedge fund plans to bring peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, hitherto at […]