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Alternative Lending Review, Part II – Plus Loan Latest

Call it platform lending, marketplace lending or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, the loans facilitated in our sector are a new asset class. The novelty of platform lending has contributed to a classic case of the syndrome known as fear of the unknown. There have been some high-profile failures in the sector. The lesson we’ve learned from […]

Alternative Lending In Review, Part I – Plus Loan Latest

We are going to offer a comprehensive review of lending in alternative finance over the next few days.  This is the first of four instalments. Platforms like ours are relatively new kids on the block in the world of high-yield products. It’s so new the terminology hasn’t settled down. It’s known as platform lending, marketplace […]

Proposed Financial Services Bill Gets Cautious Welcome From FinTech

The Financial Services Bill, laid out in this week’s Queen’s Speech, aims to bring “certainty, stability and new opportunities” to the UK banking industry, report our friends at AltFi. The Bill is geared to ensuring the UK’s financial rules continue after Brexit as well as the UK remaining open to international markets.  The Bill will be debated on […]

Flat Rates Outlook Adds Lustre To 7% Managed Portfolio Service

All the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has built a consensus among analysts that interest rates aren’t going up any time soon. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer a brief reminder of the attractions of our managed portfolio service, with its net 7 per cent yield. Managed Portfolio Service Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio Service […]

Facebook’s Crypto Libra Losing Global Launch Battle – Plus Loan Latest

Today, we offer a snapshot of the contemporary global struggle between finance and political power. The Bank of England is the latest to react to the perceived threat of Facebook’s attempt to launches own digital currency Libra. Our friends at AltFi report. Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra must meet the “highest standards” if it’s to get the […]

SME Lending Buck Will Not Stop Here – Despite ‘Brexit Effect’

Recruiter reports that the ‘Brexit effect’ is kicking in, according to the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA), the trade body for the Enterprise Investment Scheme. The effect is not good… Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that, in volume terms, business investment was estimated to have fallen by 0.4% to £49.2bn between […]

Alternative Finance Sector Gears Up For No-Deal Brexit – Plus Loan Latest

With today’s entirely unsurprising news that a Brexit deal is “essentially impossible” – we were never stupid enough to believe that no deal was a million-to-one shot – we look at preparations on either side of the Irish border. Our own position is clear: we’ll continue to lend to carefully vetted companies with a good […]