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Plans, Initiatives And Trillion-Euro Aspirations

We are currently living in a period of many initiatives and ideas, but few executed plans – and even fewer observable outcomes. The latest hope for dealing with the financial blight caused by Coroanvirus is a two trillion-euro ($2.2 trillion) plan for economic recovery, as floated by the European Commission, ahead of leaders’ talks on […]

FinTech In The Time Of Covid – The Latest

Self-isolation and working from home come easily to the team at Money&Co. We have a small team and, thanks to a super-conservative approach to risk analysis, we have a business that functions well, despite difficult conditions in a Covid world. Incidentally, that conservative approach to risk analysis means that the flow of loan offerings on […]

Alternative Investment Options – A First Look

When the mainstream falters, alternative finance attracts greater attention from investors. Today, we look at a piece run by our friends at P2P Finance News. The article deals with alternative investment, based on numbers from a player in the alternative investment market. A little independent research shows that there are plenty of alternative data sources […]