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Organisation Or Control Issues ? EU Regulators Query Blockchain For FinTech Platform

The EU’s regulators are querying the use of blockchain technology in the creation of a European Single Access Point (Esap). Esap will be a platform “for company financial and sustainable investment information”. The sceptic in us asks whether the reasons for concern – as set out below in a report from our friends at Finextra […]

Kalifa Report Adds Weight To Argument For FinTech Asset Fund Acceptance

We’ve long argues that Fintech needs to be seen as a legitimate, investable asset by the likes of institutional investment and pension-fund managers. Following last week’s publication of the Kalifa report on FinTech there’s plenty of support for this argument. AltFi makes its own case here: To put it mildly, fintech companies haven’t struggled for […]

Kalifa Delivers Long-Awaited FinTech Report

Ron Kalifa, a non-executive director of the Court of Directors at the Bank of England and the vice-chairman of WorldPay, has produced a long-awaited report on FinTech. Below we offer a snippet of coverage by our friends at AltFi. The executive summary can be found here. The full report can be found here. In a move that […]

Giant Insurer Joins Savings Fray As Mainstream Chases ‘Excess’ £125 Billion

If the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Report is right, there’s some £125 billion lying around the back of the UK’s savings sofa. During the pandemic crisis, we’ve stayed in and done little. Those households with income have found themselves with accumulated cash. We reported here on Goldman Sachs’ attempt to get some of that, […]