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Mainstream Class Action Against Coinbase Is Test Case

The ambivalence between the mainstream and the alternative finance world continues. And here’s a test case, as reported by our friends at Finextra. We’ll be watching this one with the greatest of interest… The world’s largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, is facing a Federal Class Action lawsuit over allegations that it failed to secure user accounts […]

NFTs A Hot Topic On Hottest Of Days

Well, what’s hot in in FinTech in this much-heralded “hottest day ever” in the UK? One possible answer is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a topic of great interest – and of course the concern that novelty always brings. In the heat haze, here’s an opportunity to pause and reflect, afforded by our friends at Crowdfundinsider. Crowdfundinsider […]

Every Credit… Card Company Faces Legal Threat

The Fintech Times reports a story that could be massive. It is certainly underrepresented, if the suit stands a chance of success: Mastercard, one of the worlds largest cards and payment solutions providers, has been accused of allegedly overcharging 46 million British consumers during a 15-year period. A £14bn damages claim on behalf of these brits […]