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Money&Co. And CityAM Discover The Power Of The Crowd

We leave it to our friends in the media, CityA.M., to comment on yesterday’s highly successful event, hosted by our director of communications, Martin Baker: “No wonder there was an enthusiastic crowd at City A.M.’s first crowdfunding conference, held in association with Another Crowd at the RAC yesterday. “The calibre of the speakers – who […]

Challenger Banks Face Own Challenges – Plus Conference Day List

It’s not just us, you know. Trade journal,, is sharply critical of the new banks challenging the financial establishment: ” The U.K. is dominated by the so-called Big Five mainstream banks: Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Santander UK and HSBC. With their decline in SME lending following the financial crisis, the U.K. saw […]

The Crowd Must Stay In Crowdfunding – And Conference Latest

We’ve reported several times in this news section on the risk of losing the crowd in crowdfunding. By that, we mean the risk that platforms might favour big lenders – be they high-net-worth individuals or institutions – at the expense of the smaller lender with a few hundred or thousand pounds to commit. Judith Evans […]

Economic And Investment Outlook: House Building To Lead Recovery

In her latest widely read blog, Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick predicts growth in the UK economy, with the property sector leading the way. “A recovery is now expected, led by house building as the housing market has taken particular cheer from the election result. The housing sector was strong ahead of the election with house […]

No ‘Appalling’ Labour-SNP Coalition – But Where Next For Investors?

The markets greeted David Cameron’s unexpected victory in the General Election with great enthusiasm. The prospect of an SNP/Labour coalition, which would have been likely if England hadn’t turned blue, was an appalling thought for the City. Now we are faced with another dose of austerity and George Osborne will do well to meet the […]

Is The Crowd Being Crowded Out? Alt Fi Asks Hard Questions

Peer-to-peer (P2P) or marketplace lender – or boutique bank? This is more than an issue of names. It’s all about who provides the capital that borrowing businesses need to grow. If the lenders lending via platforms like Money&co.’s are exclusively big institutions, then P2P seems a strange name (even though an insurance company is a […]

As Cash Floods In, A Guide to P2P Lending

Excitement is mounting at Money&Co. headquarters as the latest loan offering nears deadline and the cash floods in. Check out the Globavista offering on site. It is getting close to the stage where, as and when the target is hit, the credit gets cheaper for the borrower. We thought this imminent closing provided an opportunity […]