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P2P Market To ‘Crack Open Untapped Capital Reserves’

Today, we review a thoughtful comment from our friends at AltFi: “In a time such as this – with depressed savings rates and a great deal of uncertainty in the markets – one might imagine that peer-to-peer/marketplace [P2P] lending would be seen as something of a silver bullet for financial advisors. Some of the leading platforms have […]

AltFi Is Becoming Mainstream: Latest Moves

Change is afoot in the world of finance. So much so, that sooner or later alternative finance will have to redefine itself (the price of success is being tagged as boring old “mainstream”). Two recent reports of this trend are worthy of note. David Prosser, a friend of this platform and a noted commentator on alternative […]

Taking P2P’s Rough With The Crowdfunding Smooth

As alternative finance engages with the public, the rough inevitably mixes with the smooth. See this report from Blue and Green Tomorrow: “Following the release of complaints figures from the FCA, Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief at money.co.uk has responded with these statements: “Whilst it’s great to see the overall number of FCA complaints coming down, it is […]

Towards A New Ecosystem For P2P Lending

What is the “ecosystem” of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending? As the name might suggest, it’s all about the commercial and social environment in which P2P lenders, such as Money&Co., operate. At Money&Co., we bring individual lenders looking for good returns on their capital together with carefully vetted small businesses seeking funds to grow. The commercial element […]

Crowdfunding Equity Valuations Come Under Scrutiny

Our cousins on the equity side of the crowdfunding fence have been subject to a lot of attention recently. The focus of analysis has been valuation, and the models used to justify asking prices. Here, crowdfunding intelligence platform iExpats reports a survey of equity valuation models. “Too many investors with too much cash are swarming around start […]

Debt V Equity – The Alternative Finance Debate Reprised

Following the recent conference, Alternative Finance: New Solutions To Old Problems, which Money&Co. co-sponsored, Alt Fi invited us to reprise the highlights of the day. Here’s some of what we came up with: “The event was sponsored by Cubism Law and a host of leading players in the alternative finance sector, including Money&Co., the P2P […]

P2P Set To Dominate Consumer Lending

Judith Evans in the Financial Times takes recent figures from the AltFiLiberum data resource (see illustration above), and notes the rise and rise of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. “Peer-to-peer lending to businesses is on the verge of overtaking lending to consumers as investors chase higher returns available from more risky business loans. “Cumulative P2P consumer lending […]

Is The Crowd Being Crowded Out? Alt Fi Asks Hard Questions

Peer-to-peer (P2P) or marketplace lender – or boutique bank? This is more than an issue of names. It’s all about who provides the capital that borrowing businesses need to grow. If the lenders lending via platforms like Money&co.’s are exclusively big institutions, then P2P seems a strange name (even though an insurance company is a […]

Alt Fi Sees Huge Potential For P2P Retail

Alt Fi is one of our favourite media outlets. It tracks daily financial volumes in crowdfunding in general and the peer-to-peer (P2P) market in particular, with its Liberum Alt Fi Index. The emphasis has typically been on the amount of money being invested, loaned or committed to projects through crowdfunding platforms. However, in a particularly […]