Monthly Archives: April 2019

P2P Investors’ Choice Expands – Plus 8% Yield Loans Latest

As peer-to-peer (P2P) lending becomes better understood and more “mainstream”, the ways of investing in the sector proliferate. We look at reports of one of the more sophisticated ways to invest (a listed bond) below, courtesy of our friends at P2P Finance News. Money&Co. offers a more direct route to the P2P market. We bring […]

Life’s Twin Certainties – Death And Taxes – Are Certainly No Problem…

Death is inevitable. But being taxed when you die is not. See below an excerpt of an article in the Mail on Sunday for detail on the large – but easily avoidable – tax liabilities that lie ahead. Taxation And Death – The Problem  Death taxes collected by the Government and which erode family wealth […]

P2P Equity Versus Yields – Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for. Investors seeking to exposure to the equity (share) value of the peer-to-peer (P2P) alternative-finance sector have been able to get in early via investment trusts committed to the area. The experience of the early adopters however has not been a comfortable one. The explanation is simple. Some P2P platforms […]

Time For An Early-Bird IFISA Investment Review – Plus Loan Latest

It’s very early in the new tax year – but surely a good time for an early-bird review of your investments. If you’re looking for income for your annual £20,000 Individual Savings Account allowance, and are prepared to take on board a degree of risk you should take a look at Money&Co.’s portfolio service. Note: […]

Managed P2P Portfolio Seeks To Offer Extra Security – Plus Loan Latest

Our friends at P2P Finance News report Money&Co.’s move to promote managed portfolio investing. MONEY&CO is introducing a managed portfolio product that it says will offer extra security to investors by ensuring more diversification. The peer-to-peer business lender, which was founded by City ‘superwoman’ Nicola Horlick, is planning to discontinue single-loan offerings in favour of […]

New Property-Backed Three-Year P2P Loan Offers Fixed-Rate 8%

We’re pleased to announce the recent launch of our latest property-backed loan. North-East Property Investment has a fixed-rate yield of eight per cent over three years. It’s 3 per cent subscribed at the time of writing. As ever, we’ve made our best efforts in due diligence and credit analysis before awarding this loan an A […]