Monthly Archives: February 2020

Alternative Investments In Difficult Times

Global equity markets have had a very good run, but we are clearly entering difficult times for mainstream investment channels. Regular readers will know that we have strong reservations about the way mainstream finance has rushed to invest – or should that be “throw money”? – at the alternative-finance sector. Source: Siblis Research The major […]

Tax Tinkering Ahead? A Look At EIS And IFISAs Before The Budget

Amid speculation that tax incentives will be tinkered with in the coming Budget, City A.M. highlights four companies that wouldn’t exist without the Enterprise Investment Scheme. The full article is available here. While EIS and SEIS offer meaningful tax advantages to investors, it’s important to remember that their main function is to help kickstart new […]

Digital Banks Lead Change – But Deposit Accountholders Lag The Field

Banking as we know it is set to change. Maybe, just maybe, mainstream banks will begin to offer better returns on their deposit accounts one day (tricky, though that is, given their overheads). If they ever get there, the alternative finance sector, with FinTech in the form of digital banks, will lead the charge. Our […]

Takeover War As Mainstream Fights Over AltFi Investment Trust

As part of our regular look at mainstream investment in the alternative finance sector – especially platform lending – we look at a take-over battle involving an investment trust that  invests in the sector. Our consistent message continues to be that investors who acquaint themselves with the risks of platform lending can be relatively sure […]

High-Yield Investors – Hear FCA’s Words Of Wisdom

Today we bring you the second part of the excellent, common-sense consumer guide by the UK’s leading financial watchdog by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is prudent, helpful, and should be compulsory reading for all individuals considering high return investment. In the UK, any firm carrying out a regulated financial services activity must be authorised by […]

FCA Offers Sound Appraisal Of High-Yield FinTech Investments

Today we take a look at the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines for individual investors on how to appraise an investment. The commentary it offers is clear, simple and full of common sense. Here’s the first instalment of a two-stage browse through the FCA guidelines. All investments carry some element of risk but the higher the […]

Limiting Inheritance Tax Liability – The Time To Act Is Now

We are approaching the time of year when tax planning is typically very popular. With this in mind, we thought we’d remind readers of our very popular service designed to limit Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability. IHT kicks in for estates of £325,000 or more. See more on our service below. What are the main benefits […]

Diversification, Limiting Risk – See Our Managed Portfolio Service

Diversification is one of the best ways of limiting risk. Our popular managed portfolio service is an efficient way of doing just that. Here’s a brief reminder of its attractions. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio Service have access to loans with a typical fixed return of 7%, without the need to manage a portfolio of […]