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Market Looking For P2P Improvements

AltFi reports good news on a FinTech outfit which has been – and continues to be, despite this item – surrounded by less than flattering rumours. Below is an excerpt from AltFi’s report (published yesterday) and a share price chart – of purely indicative nature, Googled today – showing a positive market reaction to the […]

US Player Makes Bold Statement Of Inward UK FinTech Investment Intent

Today, we bring news of a very strong statement of intent from a new North American player looking to invest in the UK Fintech sector. The timing is bold: many players have been struggling; the early form of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is disappearing in favour of niche lending to businesses with asset-backing pretty much a […]

Savvy FinTech Player Looks To Invest At The ‘Sound Of The Cannon’

The investment maxim is to buy at the sound of the cannon, and sell when the violins at the post-battle ball begin to play. It’ difficult to think of a noisier cannon sound than the all-pervasive pandemic, the likelihood of a brutally hard Brexit, and a nasty winter. So let’s see the news of technology […]

Innovate Finance Sees Bright Future For FinTech – Plus Loan Latest

As the political weather changes day by day, there is some certainty, at least, in the financial-technology sector. It is the future, come what may. The latest research from the government body, Innovate Finance and consultants, EY, indicates strong and rising levels of investment despite Brexit uncertainty. Below is an excerpt of a recent report […]

FinTech Set To Lift Off – Plus Breakfast Event News

One loan offer closes, another opens. Money&Co. is hosting two loan offers, both risk-rated A, on offer – with more to come. Our platform brings carefully vetted small companies seeking funds to grow together with individuals seeking good returns on capital. Money&Co. lenders have averaged over 8 per cent across the more than £11 million […]

P2P Investors’ Capital Commitment Hits Record Levels – Plus Loan Latest

Investor confidence in the peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunding sector is picking up again. There was concern in some quarters over P2P last year – much of it engendered by the difficulties of the largest player in the US P2P sector, Lending Club. There were good reasons for that – notably, the aggressive pricing of listed P2P […]