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Innovate Finance Flags Higher Than Expected UK FinTech Growth

Here’s a little surprise. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report. With the full story here. While Fintech investment may be slowing in other markets, the United Kingdom appears to be bucking the trend. In a “Summer Investment Report,” Innovate Finance puts a pen to the numbers and they are encouraging. The organization states that during the first 6 […]

NFTs A Hot Topic On Hottest Of Days

Well, what’s hot in in FinTech in this much-heralded “hottest day ever” in the UK? One possible answer is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a topic of great interest – and of course the concern that novelty always brings. In the heat haze, here’s an opportunity to pause and reflect, afforded by our friends at Crowdfundinsider. Crowdfundinsider […]

Cryptocurrencies Gaining Traction In FinTech World

Regular readers will know that we see the quiet revolution happening outside our windows in the shape of cryptocurrencies as an important part our reporting remit. Witness the many News stories and Blogs. Having settled a small slice of home business, with the successful £300 loan auction by litigation finance providers Harris&Co. last week, it’s […]

British Business Bank Reports Thriving SME Market – Plus Loan Offer Latest

Whether a summer of discontent lies ahead or not, the immediate past has been pretty rosy for the small-business sector that Money&Co. and its cohorts serve. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: The British Business Bank has shared the results of its annual Small Business Equity Tracker and the numbers for 2021 appear pretty strong. The Equity Tracker uses data […]

P2P Sector Can Sail Through Credit Crunch Difficulties

Today, some fact-based predictions. A remarkable credit crunch is coming the way of the UK. Unpleasantness will follow, and the fallout will have ramifications for companies that deal direct with borrowers and individual lenders. In sum, there’s a reputational risk ahead for those involved in the peer-to-peer (P2P) finance industry. Money&Co., of course, will remain […]

New Deal Boasts £1 Billion UK SME Funding Target

To the surprise of some commentators in the UK FinTech sector, the deals have kept coming for Funding Circle. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report the latest, with the the full story available by clicking this link: Funding Circle, which claims to be the UK’s largest small business loan platform, and Waterfall, an institutional asset manager, recently […]

European Authorities Tell Crowdfunders To Get a Move On

Remember the need for speed? Sadly, we’re not talking Top Gun, but crowdfunding… Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on the European way of moving things on, and discover that the Europeans themselves find the slowness of the bureaucracy frustrating. It’s possibly a very, very small silver lining in the dark cloud of Brexit… The European Securities […]

UK Government Green Lights Stablecoins – Plus Loan Auction Latest

What’s in a name? One reasonable answer might be “a little comfort”. Take the UK government’s recent policy announcement on its attitude to crypto-assets. With many politicans and central bankers running scared of cryptocurrencies, the idea of a “stablecoin” – which would seek to maintain a link to another asset – is appealing. The idea […]