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Banking’s FinTech Future Examined – Plus Loans Latest

There’s a whole host of news about non-fungible tokens, the digital vehicles being used to promote what is effectively a new market in art, but we’ll reprise events there next week. Meanwhile, here’s news of an industry projection of the future of banking and alternative-financial services. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: Ten of the United […]

FinTech Earlybird Investors Reap Rich Rewards – Plus Loan Latest

Today we bring news of success for early FinTech investors. Crowdfundinsider reprises the news: Six early investors in UK stock trading app Freetrade have seen their stakes in the firm surge to be valued at around £1 million after the business saw its valuation increase to over £265 million, according to a report in the Telegraph. The reported returns […]

Cryptoland M&A Activity Surges – Plus Loan Latest

After an unsurprisingly difficult 2020, this year is set to show solid growth in crypto-related mergers and acquisitions, according to extensively quoted research from PWC. The data shows that the crypto M&A sector more than doubled last year to $1.1 billion from 2019 figures. This year’s surge in crypto prices is leading a major boom […]

Coinbase Offering Promises To Be FinTech Landmark – Plus Loan Latest

The biggest landmark event in the FinTech sector since the IPO of Lending Club over six years ago is upon us. It’s another IPO – the flotation of crypto exchange, Coinbase. The share debut will see an explosion of interest and publicity – and, we hope, understanding. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider run a piece that argues […]

Bitcoin Boost As Tech Giants Offered Limited Autonomy In Nevada

These are extraordinary times. Populism’s arrival in the financial world is just beginning to make itself felt, in extraordinary ways. The battle between the crowd and hedge funds, fought over the shorting of GameStop via the trading platform Robinhood (good name, if a little on the nose) is just one example. The crowd following Elon […]

Consolidation In Play On Equity Side Of Alternative-Finance Fence

Once upon a time “crowdfunding” was not just a buzzword, but a widely misunderstood one.  For a while it was synonymous in some minds with the idea of equity investment in small, highly speculative start-up businesses – many of which fail (as many as three in four after three years, according to some sources). We […]

Mainstream Finance Moves Against Major Crypto, Ripple

Today we bring you a snippet of news from the ongoing battle – or should that be war? – between the mainstream financial authorities and the digital eco-system.  Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: Ripple has accused the Securities and Exchange Commission of distorting the facts about the status of its cryptocurrency XRP in its first […]

Tokens And The Nature Of Money in 2021 And Beyond

As previously reported here, in the short term, we’ll see plenty of digital token launches this year. In the longer term, the very nature of what we understand by money is changing. Interoperable programmable money, anyone? A think piece in Crowdfundinsider is over this one… Money is the foundational layer of any economy. It provides […]

Bitcoin Surge Leads Assault On Mainstream Finance

As promised, there’s more from the bitcoin-led assault on mainstream finance. This set of prognostication comes from our friends at Crowdfundinsider. Tomorrow we’ll be visiting the regulation of cryptos and digital tokens, plus the emergence of Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance […]

Bitcoin Surge Prompts Rush To Get Digital-Currency Education

Bitcoin’s crazy journey from high to high is set to have major ramifications. There’s a whole education and training industry shaping up, for example. That’s possibly just a precursor to the massive change we’ll see if digital currencies are generally accepted as a medium of value exchange. But anyway, here’s the latest educational snippet, from […]