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Cryptos Are Here, There, Everywhere… Including Messi’s Pay Packet

Cryptocurrencies are here, there and soon to be everywhere, as todays’ two news items demonstrate. The Fintech Times offers a crypto-scam update: A poll by European law firm Fieldfisher revealed over 93% of businesses are uncertain or have no idea what to do if they fall victim to cyber fraud. Lack of preparedness for responding to cyber […]

Cryptos March On, Amid Warnings To US Senate

The march of the cryptocurrencies, monitored and reported regularly in this News section, is relentless. Our Friends at Finextra report the latest: Zodia Custody, a digital asset joint venture operation between Standard Chartered and Northern Trust, has received regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and is now providing commercial services to clients as a […]

High-Profile Departures Shock Crypto World – But Not The Market

There’s news of two departures for two different reasons in the cryptocurrency sector. One of the high-profile figures leaving is a co-founder of Dogecoin – founded as a joke and subsequently ramped high by Elon Musk (Why? Perhaps simplybecause, with his millions of social-media followers, he could…). The shock waves of the abrupt resignations are […]

UK SMEs Have Renewed Appetite For Unsecured Credit

Another side-effect of Covid-19? There’s no point in speculating as to the reasons, the facts themselves are interesting enough. UK small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are hungrier than ever for unsecured credit. Money&Co. has strict criteria for lending, and requires security before agreeing to facilitate a loan. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: The iwoca SME Expert Index […]

CCAF Report Shows Robust Altfi Industry In UK And Europe

The Cambridge Centre For Alternative Finance (CCAF) has just issued its latest global report on alternative finance. Money&Co. participated in this important piece of research. The full report is available here. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider highlight various points from this huge piece of work. Here’s an excerpt of the reporting on Europe and the UK’s […]

US Authorities Seek To Rein In Cryptos – Plus Loan Latest

The governments and regulatory authorities of developed nation states have a major imperative: to control the nature of cryptocurrencies and the way they do business. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider reports on a seminal piece of litigation in the US: In December 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint in a New York federal court against Ripple […]