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European Authorities Tell Crowdfunders To Get a Move On

Remember the need for speed? Sadly, we’re not talking Top Gun, but crowdfunding… Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on the European way of moving things on, and discover that the Europeans themselves find the slowness of the bureaucracy frustrating. It’s possibly a very, very small silver lining in the dark cloud of Brexit… The European Securities […]

UK Government Green Lights Stablecoins – Plus Loan Auction Latest

What’s in a name? One reasonable answer might be “a little comfort”. Take the UK government’s recent policy announcement on its attitude to crypto-assets. With many politicans and central bankers running scared of cryptocurrencies, the idea of a “stablecoin” – which would seek to maintain a link to another asset – is appealing. The idea […]

CCAF To Monitor And Shepherd Advent Of Cryptos

Regular readers will be aware of Money&Co.’s close relationship with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), part of the University of Cambridge. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report that CCAF has launched a new public-private collaboration involving banks, public agencies, and private organizations aiming to provide insight into the emerging digital asset ecosystem. The mission is to […]

Europe Sets Feet On CBDC Trail

The relentless march of digital currencies continues. We run an extended excerpt from our friends at Crowdfundinsider on the proposed launch of a pan-European central bank digital currency. As pointed out several times on this News site, and in our blogs, a CBDC is a digital token, not a cryptocurrency. That has ramifications for oversight, […]

Cryptos Are Here, There, Everywhere… Including Messi’s Pay Packet

Cryptocurrencies are here, there and soon to be everywhere, as todays’ two news items demonstrate. The Fintech Times offers a crypto-scam update: A poll by European law firm Fieldfisher revealed over 93% of businesses are uncertain or have no idea what to do if they fall victim to cyber fraud. Lack of preparedness for responding to cyber […]

Cryptos March On, Amid Warnings To US Senate

The march of the cryptocurrencies, monitored and reported regularly in this News section, is relentless. Our Friends at Finextra report the latest: Zodia Custody, a digital asset joint venture operation between Standard Chartered and Northern Trust, has received regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and is now providing commercial services to clients as a […]