Monthly Archives: February 2017

The AltFi Challenge To Banks – Plus IFISA Latest

Our friends at Growth Business UK remark on the state of the alternative financial industry’s challenge to mainstream banking. “Banks no longer hold a monopoly on finance, with new products such as crowdfunding and tax-efficient investment schemes allowing businesses to access vital growth capital without the added burden of time-consuming regulatory red tape. For Britain’s […]

Understanding Is Key To IFISA Success

The advent of the new Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (IFISA) is bringing the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector a considerable amount of media attention with, it seems, lots of investors’ money to follow. We’ll be rolling out our own IFISA soon. But it’s not as simple as just launching a new product. The IFISA and the […]

High-Tech Future – Bane Or Bonanza? Plus Loan Close

Today, as our latest A+ property-backed loan offering closes, we look at what the future holds. Our communications director, award-winning journalist and author, Martin Baker, is writing a follow-up to his highly acclaimed first book of satirical financial essays, A Fool And His Money.  Getting Fooled Again? asks whether the financial world is making the same […]

Millennial Investors’ Appetite For Equity – Plus P2P Loan Latest

We’re pleased by the demand for the latest webuyanyhome,com loan offering on site. We’ll let the demand speak for itself (subject to risk warnings, see below). But today we take a peak over the crowdfunding fence at equity investment, where Proactive Investors report encouraging news via research commissioned by leading equity platform, SyndicateRoom. SyndicateRoom’s CEO, […]

P2P Giants Battle For 800lb Gorilla Status – Plus Loan Latest

We’re very busy behind the scenes here, looking to launch a property-backed Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (IFISA). Regular visitors to our site will be aware of this, and the anticipated influx of cash that IFISA launches will precipitate. Meanwhile, the really big beasts in crowdfunded peer-to-peer (P2P) lending are vying for the title of […]