Monthly Archives: November 2015

UK P2P Crowd Gets Ahead Of American Cousins

The UK generated nearly $2.3 billion in peer-to-peer (P2P) loans in 2014, making its alternative lending market the largest in the world on a per capita basis,” report’s India’s financial news platform, Business Insider: “To illustrate, 72 per cent more lending volume is transacted in the UK than in the US per person.” The report […]

Olderpreneurs Find Pension Route To Alternative Business Funding

Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money&Co, and non-executive director director of Clifton Asset Management, “has given some great advice to the over 50’s who are thinking about accessing their pension to delve into the start-up world, reports SME Insider. ‘‘’As you need an accrued pension of more than £50,000 to make the Pension-led funding process viable, […]

P2P Gets Green Light, Equity Amber, Minibonds Wait

Money Observer is one of several platforms to update on the IFISA delay for equity crowdfunding, and addition of minibonds in September for P2P. Mainstream P2P assets will be eligible for IFISAs from next April. “In his latest Autumn Statement, chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne has announced that the list of qualifying investments for the […]

Autumn Statement Predictions: Steady As She Goes For ISAs

Ahead of this afternoon’s Autumn Statement, ThisIsMoney carries a series of predictions. It flags tax-credit changes as likely, but expects little or no change to Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) or Innovative Finance ISAs. “There is unlikely to be much in the way of exciting announcements regarding savings – but the Chancellor is known to pull […]

Crowdfunding Equity Valuations Come Under Scrutiny

Our cousins on the equity side of the crowdfunding fence have been subject to a lot of attention recently. The focus of analysis has been valuation, and the models used to justify asking prices. Here, crowdfunding intelligence platform iExpats reports a survey of equity valuation models. “Too many investors with too much cash are swarming around start […]

British Influence on Europe And SME Prosperity

One of the star performers at the recent Alternative Finance: New Solutions to Old Problems conference, sponsored by Cubism Law and co-sponsored by Money&Co. was Peter Wilding of British Influence. Peter, a qualified lawyer, is passionately pro-business, and is politically engaged on the centre-right of the UK political spectrum. British Influence (BI) was another co-sponsor. […]

P2P Advice Policy Seeks Prudent Balance

The authorities seem to have an ambivalent attitude towards our part of the crowdfunding world, known as peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending. On the one hand, the government has been extremely positive about P2P, and will allow it to be included in Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) in the next tax year (Innovative Finance ISAs, or IFISAs). […]

We Need To Talk About IFISAs

Next tax year will see peer-to-peer (P2P) loans becoming eligible for Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts (IFISAs). That means investors get all the benefits of tax-free savings up to £15,240 per annum. The average rate achieved by Money&Co. lenders being just over nine per cent (eight per cent net of charges). If you invested the […]