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European Harmony In FinTech Is (Sadly) Too Late – Plus Loan Latest

Crowdfunding harmonisation in Europe is finally here. The publication of the new regulatory structure has been keenly anticipated. Our feeling, however, is that it’s all a little too late. The UK, easily Europe’s biggest crowdfunding market, is on its way out of the EU. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: According to a notice published by […]

Thin Cats Close Door On Crowd – Plus Loan Latest

One of our neighbours in the platform lending sector, Thin Cats, is closing the door retail lenders. AltFi reports: ThinCats is closing its retail peer-to-peer lending platform, saying it is no longer “cost effective”. ThinCats said it will instead focus on institutional lending. ThinCats, which was launched in Leicestershire in 2011, said no new loans will be offered […]

The (Female) Future Of Crowdfunding And Alternative Finance

Our friends at AltFi run an article on gender balance in equity crowdfunding and alternative finance generally. “There are reports that suggest women are generally more risk-averse than men and so less likely to lend or invest their savings. Another theory is that women discuss or brag less about their personal financial arrangements which result […]

From Start-up To Scale-Up – AltFi Funding Examined

Britain is a nation of start-ups, but not of scale-ups, reports David Prosser in Forbes. David cites recent research that concludes that the UK’s “small and medium-sized enterprises are being stifled by a lack of access to finance. Like others before it, this study, from the House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, […]

Keeping The Crowd In Crowdfunding: New Data, Old Problem

Recent research throws new light on an old debate. What’t future of the crowd – the individual lender or equity investor – in crowdfunding? The new research comes via Consultancy.uk: “Alternative finance market for SMEs and personal loans, through marketplace lenders, has in the space of just five years, grown from almost nothing to £2.7 billion,” […]

P2P Crowdfunding Enters More Mature, 2.0 Stage

We’re well into the era of a more mature crowdfunding world. In internet jargon, that would be known as Crowdfunding 2.0. Luke Davis, co-founder of Money&Co., offers his view in CityA.M. of how what the 2.0 stage should look like for UK P2P platforms. “In the five years since its inception, debt crowdfunding has supported […]

Crowdfunding: Basic Facts And Starter Tips

It’s what’s known in journalistic terms as “silly season”. So we thought we’d reprise some of the basics of lending via the mechanism of crowdfunding.   Take the trouble to understand what you’re putting money into. The things that you can gain access to via a crowdfunding platform such as Money&Co. are typically different from […]