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Alternative Finance, P2P Loans And The Joy Of Disruptive Investment

Feeling disruptive? If so, you may be interested in Kyle Caldwell’s article in the Telegraph, which looks at share plays offering investors a way into “disopruptive” sectors. One section features challenger banks and P2P lenders, where fund manager Neil Woodford’s holdings in Atom Bank (a pure online banking play with no “frills” such as branches!) […]

Crowdfunding Loans A Fine Alternative – Money&Co. Joins ABF

Thanks to the Mail on Sunday and our friends at Alternative Business Funding for helping us share the good news about crowdfunding, and the process of bringing individuals and businesses together. “Money&Co, the crowdfunding platform run by City ‘superwoman’ Nicola Horlick, is among 17 new companies joining small business finance website alternativebusinessfunding, taking the total to […]

How To Tweet ‘Friends’ And ‘Influence’ People…

Journalism “by list” is a reductive business. Nevertheless, here’s a list, courtesy of our friends at CityA.M. – all about the supposed influence of folk in the word of alternative finance.  Money&Co.’s CEO Nicola Horlick features in the 20s – not bad, considering she scarcely bothers with Twitter at all…  So here’s the recent CityA.M. […]

P2P Lenders Break Into Ratings Mainstream

We monitor the fast-moving, high-octane world of the digital economy every day. As a FinTech company and a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender, we have to. Rarely does one single news report emerge as the undisputed leader of the day. Today, however, the distinction of “must-read” status goes to Ryan Fowler of Tech City News. The story […]

Daily Mail Redresses Balance On Crowdfund Scaremongering

We welcome Holly Black’s article in The Daily Mail today. It is a balanced piece on equity crowdfunding and bonds issued by companies looking for growth. It doesn’t address peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending – our sub-sector of the market – which is already the biggest and fastest-growing part of the crowdfunding universe. But that gives […]

P2P Loans – A Risk, Or A Threat To Low-Yield Status Quo?

Lana Clements in The Express takes a look at the peer-to-peer (P2P) loan market, which is set for liberalisation and (we very much hope) inclusion as an eligible asset class in New Individual Savings Accounts (NISAs). Chancellor Osborne’s Budget is on 8th July, and our fingers are firmly crossed. In her Express article, Ms Clements […]

Euro: Common Currency Without Political Union ‘Doomed To Failure’

The Eurogroup summit in Brussels is hobbling towards a compromise agreement that will keep Greece within the fold of the currency, whilst the Greek government does not cross any of its “red lines”. But the fate of the currency is dark, according to Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick. “Looking back [to the creation of the common […]

P2P Set To Dominate Consumer Lending

Judith Evans in the Financial Times takes recent figures from the AltFiLiberum data resource (see illustration above), and notes the rise and rise of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. “Peer-to-peer lending to businesses is on the verge of overtaking lending to consumers as investors chase higher returns available from more risky business loans. “Cumulative P2P consumer lending […]