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Equity Crowdfunding’s Teething Problems – Plus Loan Latest

The crowdfunding industry is maturing. Insider Media reports the first exit from a start-up for which our friends at SyndicateRoom raised cash. This is the first “exit” for one of Syndicate Room’s companies: “A Cambridge-based medical technology platform whose products are designed to address the fear of needles has been acquired by a US manufacturer providing […]

Risky Business: P2P Lenders Assess Loss Potential

As regular readers and users will be aware, it‘s our duty to point out that lending, while potentially lucrative, carries risk. Our friends a AltFi report on a fellow P2P lender, and its treatment of risk: “RateSetter has reinstated the expected losses in its portfolio and now gives us two cohort level expected loss figures to […]

P2P Risk Analysis: Take A Long, Hard Look

Our attention has been drawn to risk analysis today. Professional Adviser, a media outlet aimed at financial intermediaries, runs a feature on peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders, and the risks and rewards of the loans on offer. Below we offer an extended excerpt of a recent article, followed by our own take on risk. “For many, the […]

P2P Crowdfunders Should Welcome Media Scrutiny

The risks of crowdfunding have attracted a lot of media attention recently. Our sector, the peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending part of crowdfunding, in particular, has been under the microscope. It’s an issue whose examination we believe crowdfunders should welcome. We certainly do so at Money&Co. – especially when it’s done in the thoughtful manner that […]

P2P Rewards Come With Risks: Lessons From TrustBuddy Flop

Respected crowdfund commentator David Stevenson in Alt Fi provides a thoughtful analysis of the fallout following the failure of Swedish peer-to-peer (P2P) lender, TrustBuddy. The article serves as a timely reminder of the risks that come with committing money via alternative-finance media. Here’s an extended excerpt from the Alt Fi article: “The TrustBuddy debacle has […]

Daily Mail Redresses Balance On Crowdfund Scaremongering

We welcome Holly Black’s article in The Daily Mail today. It is a balanced piece on equity crowdfunding and bonds issued by companies looking for growth. It doesn’t address peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending – our sub-sector of the market – which is already the biggest and fastest-growing part of the crowdfunding universe. But that gives […]

Crowdfunding Latest, Media Waves And Risk Revisited

Good news from the crowd: the soft-furnishings manufacturer loan offer, with a B-rated loan and a gross indicative yield of over 10 per cent at the time of writing, has just 16 per cent more to go before reaching its £500,000 funding target. Our latest offering, Globavista, has attracted over £50,000 since launch last week. […]

Rewards And Risks Of P2P Lending – The Times Takes A 10-Year View

“Soulful Food is one of the businesses to have benefited from a peer-to-peer loan from Money&Co.,” writes The Times. Regular readers will know that at Money&Co. we tend to think of ourselves as new kids on the financial block. That’s a reasonable position: tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of our formal, St Patrick’s Day […]

Equity And Debt Crowdfunding Compared And Contrasted

We start the week with an exercise in comparison and contrast. This week end, the Financial Times’s Judith Evans and Adam Palin took a long. critical look over the fence at our cousins in equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding typically involves very young companies, often start-ups, which offer an investment stake in exchange for capital from […]

Do You Really Understand What Happens To Your Money?

Just how much do consumers understand about the things they commit their money to? A behavioural economics research paper recently published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigates this and other important issues. “Consumers were asked to anticipate how the FTSE 100 would grow over time and then asked for their expectations for structured deposits […]