Monthly Archives: October 2021

More Conclusions: Regulators Loathe Cryptos, And CBDC Competition Is On

Martin Baker, award-winning journalist and head of communications at Money&Co., opines on central banks, their competition for CBDC dominance and their dislike of cryptos Regulators Dislike Cryptos Regulators by definition cannot control tokens outside their banking system, so their antipathy is natural enough. This can spill over into wishful thinking. The Bank for International Settlements’ […]

Europe’s FinTech Bandwagon Rolls On

Today we bring news of expansion of our FinTech sector across Europe – all of this ahead of new loan offerings landing shortly on site, as previously highlighted here. Our friends at Altfi report: SMEs across Europe hungry for cash have a new digital bank to turn to in the form of Fibr, which launches […]

Clock Is Ticking On Latest Loan Offer, A-Rated, 8% Yield, Closing Next Week

Time is running out. The current loan offer for Fleetwood Legal Ltd 2 will close next week on Tuesday 19th October, at whatever level of interest the auction has received. If you wish to make a bid, then please do so soon. Money&Co. lenders have been funding legal claims since May 2019.  Over that period, and […]