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New Loan Offer (A Rating, 8% Yield) – Bids Surge To 47%

A new loan offer from a familiar borrower, Harris & Co. in the litigation claim sector, is available on site, and attracting plenty of attention. Below is some detail of the offering, which is risk-rated A by our credit committee. Borrowing requirement: £100,000 Loan term: 12 months Purpose: Funding disbursements for cavity wall insulation (CWI) […]

Bank Saving Products Edge Up Yield Curve – Plus Loan Auction latest

One thing guaranteed to drive financial watchdogs mad is unfair investment comparison. It’s simply wrong to compare high-yielding products with inherent risk to bank deposits, which are safer but typically have much lower returns. Nevertheless, some operators do it – knowing that they ought not to – very frequently. At Money&Co., we offer carefully vetted […]