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The Evolving IFISA – A Savings And Investment Revolution In The Making

As we head for the end of the tax year, our friends at P2P Finance News look at the evolution of the Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (IFISA). The IFISA is the device by which peer-to-peer (P2P) loans such as those on this platform can offer investors tax-free income. We thought we’d offer a little […]

Beware The ‘Knowledge Gap’ As Investors Seek IFA Advice

Wisdom has always been at a premium. In a financial context, it’s become more and more precious (and scarce) following the reform of the way financial products are bought and sold – specifically, the way advisers are allowed to remunerate themselves. Many independent financial advisers (IFAs) have simply given up, after a commission-based structure was […]

P2P Loans ‘Relatively Stable’, Says Orca Money – Plus IFISA Latest

Our view of the current problems surrounding the sale of mini-bonds is simple: investors should be extra-careful, and make sure they understand the risks of investment – which must be clearly explained by sellers. As we have been at pains to point out (see Wednesday’s News item) mini-bonds and P2P are different animals. Our friends […]

P2P Sector Has Much To Do: IFISAs Still Unknown To 92% Of Public

As an industry, the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector hasn’t done a great job of explaining and promoting itself. There’s considerable confusion about what P2P loans are and that’s not been helped by some mischief from sellers of mini-bonds (see this earlier article, which explains the difference). For the record, what we do is bring individuals […]

Mini-Bonds Versus P2P Loans – The Different Risks Explained

There has been much coverage of “mini-bonds” in the media recently. Many investors are rightly concerned and understandably confused by all the brouhaha over the catastrophic losses suffered by some mini-bond investors. At Money&Co. we do not offer mini-bonds, but it’s surely a good idea to explain what they are, if only for purposes of […]

Brexit ‘Could Hurt P2P Platforms’ – Plus Loan Latest

We’re truly sorry to Mention it. You know, the B-word… But our friends at P2P Finance News rang our CEO and asked for commentary. See below. MONEY&CO. founder Nicola Horlick has warned that a no-deal Brexit could hurt peer-to-peer lending platforms which rely on asset-backed investments. Horlick, who earned the moniker ‘City superwoman’ while juggling […]