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P2P Loans ‘Relatively Stable’, Says Orca Money – Plus IFISA Latest

Our view of the current problems surrounding the sale of mini-bonds is simple: investors should be extra-careful, and make sure they understand the risks of investment – which must be clearly explained by sellers. As we have been at pains to point out (see Wednesday’s News item) mini-bonds and P2P are different animals. Our friends […]

A-Rated 8% Asset-Backed Loan Offer Latest – Plus P2P To Move Mainstream?

  As we move to close the latest A-rated, 8 per cent fixed-rate, property-backed loan offering on site, our credit-analysis committee tells us there are several more offers in the pipeline. In the four years this platform has facilitated over £11 million of peer-to-peer (P2P) loans. Money&Co. lenders have achieved returns of over 8 per […]

P2P And The Investment Balancing Act – Plus Loan Latest

Our friends at Orca Money offer analysis of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending as part of a balanced portfolio. We run an excerpt of their article, with the full text available here. Asset classes have their own varying characteristics, such as level of risk and potential returns in different market conditions. Peer to peer lending is no […]

An Overview Of Alternative Lending – Plus Podcast and Loan Latest

The new week will bring a new podcast, on the subject of cryptocurrencies, including and led by Bitcoin. There will also be two new loans on site. Meanwhile, here’s a handy overview of the alternative lending ecosystem (see infographic, above), courtesy of our friends at Orca. Money&Co. Podcast: We asked David Buik of London investment […]

Ready, Steady, Crypto! Plus New P2P Loan Latest

There’s a lot to say about the volatile cryptocurrency market. Our friends at Orca Money, a P2P commentator and analyst, share our curiosity. They profess themselves “fascinated by the dramatic rise of cryptocurrencies in the past year. It’s taken Nutmeg, the UK’s leading robo-adviser 5 years and substantial marketing spend to reach 50,000 users. At […]

Drawing Lines In The Regulatory Sand – Plus Loan Latest

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow… the next loan is set creep in (and apologies for the petty pace)…you guessed it – tomorrow! We’ll divulge full detail and offer commentary then. In the interim, our friends at P2P Finance News report welcome regulatory developments in our space. We run a short excerpt from the article here. […]