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Rates Will Rise Sooner Or Later – But When Will Investors See Benefit?

Crowdfunding: an attractive alternative, available now There isn’t really an excuse for the miserable returns that banks offer deposit account investors, as I pointed out in an earlier blog. But base rates, a key factor in determining retail-deposit rates, are extremely low right now. So a very important question must be where rates will be […]

Nicola Horlick On Interest Rates And Savers’ Best Prospects

Nicola Horlick on bank depositors’ plight  Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, examines the interest rate environment ahead of the forthcoming Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee announcement. In her latest blog, she notes the plight of deposit account investors: “The fact that interest rates are less likely to rise than previously thought has been reflected in […]

Crowdfunding Bandwagon Back From Birmingham

  The Money&Co. team made it back to London from Birmaingham at the end of the week with good news to report. A series of meetings with local business people, lenders, media representatives and organisations such as the local chambers of commerce, ending with an event co-hosted by FD Solutions, yielded excellent results, according to […]

Money&Co. Breakfast: Lenders Get Coffee, Croissants, And New Levels Of Awareness

Lenders leaving our Bruton Place offices after coffee, croissants and credit analysis This week’s lenders’ breakfast at Money&Co.’s Mayfair offices was an engaged and engaging affair. The senior members of the Money&Co. team were all there. CEO Nicola Horlick gave a short talk about our business – using state-of-the-art technology to create funding for our […]

Independent Shares “Great Savings Robbery” Message

Nicola: Savers are losing billions to the banks  “By leaving their savings in low-yielding accounts with banks and building societies, British savers will lose more than £72 billion in potential investment income over the next year.” Sound familiar? Yes, you read it here first – and now the word is spreading to the Independent’s 29 […]

FSB Issues Policy Rallying Cry

FSB has just issued a useful and vocal manifesto  Small business is finding its voice – and about time, too. Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 47 per cent of the employed workforce, as Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, explains. As you know, putting people together with businesses to facilitate funding and growth is at the […]

Crowdfunding’s Exciting Week Ahead, But Banks Belong To Past

An exciting week ahead begins in Oxford “Crowdfunding is an important part of the future for UK business – especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which employ 47 per cent of the UK work force,” says Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money&Co. Nicola heads off with a senior team for Oxford today. Ahead of the Money&Co. executives […]