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New Loans, New Look, New Hope For Savers And Savings Market

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We’re part of a savings revolution, of changing the way the public – specifically individual investors – think about how to save and invest. Our latest A-rated peer-to-peer (P2P) loan offering has a gross yield of eight per cent, and is proving popular with investors. Login […]

As BBC Reports Record Saver Lows, P2P Deserves Consideration

We relay an excerpt of some sobering news for savers from the BBC. The corporation runs an article that “shows that many people relying on their savings income are worse off than ever before”. “Savings rates plummeted after the Bank of England slashed its base rate in the financial crisis. “Since last autumn, as the economic […]

IFISA Will Be Momentous For Lenders, Borrowers – And ISA Investors

This is a momentous time for P2P lending (which includes person-to-business lending). Along with the Chancellor’s emergency Budget, the Treasury has published its response following its consultation on whether P2P loans should be included in ISAs. The consultation period came to an end on 12 December 2014. The report states that: “(The government) intends to […]

Nicola Horlick – ‘Does It Matter If UK Prices Decline?’

Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick voices her concern for UK savers and investors in her latest Money&Co. blog. She argues that many economists believe that the European Central Bank “is not doing enough and that its programme of quantitative easing will not be sufficient to help Europe avoid deflation. If deflation begins to entrench itself in […]

Deflation Risk Is Bad News For Savers

The Bank of England published its quarterly ‘Inflation Report’ last week and the Governor, Mark Carney, said that inflation was expected to fall to zero later this year and that interest rates may be reduced below the current level of 0.5 per cent for a short period to help ensure that Britain does not enter […]

Savers Left High And Dry By Government Scheme

The fall to 0.5 per cent in the Consumer Price Index, published today by the Office for National Statistics, was widely anticipated. The fall-out may be more surprising. Today’s mainstream media coverage focuses on all the usual knock-on effects: sharply lower inflation projections, and consequent expectations of low interest rates being sustained put pressure on […]

P2P Lending To Go Mainstream With NISA Boost – FT

The Financial Times is the latest to report that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is going “mainstream”. Money&Co.’s mission for 2015 is to keep doing what we’re doing – bringing people and businesses together to provide excellent returns for lenders and growth capital for borrowers. P2P business lending, reports the FT (subscription required), “is one of the key […]

Need Income? Look To Crowdfunding, Not Government

  If you’re hoping to harvest a decent yield on your capital, take a look at crowdfunding Looking for income? Well don’t look to the government for much help. Older savers, who typically need to make assets sweat and produce a good yield, “have been delivered a hammer blow”, according to the financial and investment […]

“Savers Left High And Dry” – Money&Co. In Bristol (And Huffington Post)

Word of mouth in a room full of wine – Hotel du Vin, Bristol, hosts today’s Money&Co. lunch We bring you today’s news from Bristol, where the Money&Co. marketing and communications team, led by CEO Nicola Horlick, is bringing its own message on crowdfunding to the South West. The day sees a series of events […]