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Savers Suffer Petrol Pump-Style Pricing Policy On Cash Accounts

It may seem a somewhat bizarre analogy, but the cash-based savings market operates like petrol-pump pricing. Think of it as a case of commodity pricing. Motorists often complain that reduction in the price of the underlying commodity – oil, in this case – is frequently not passed on. In October, base rates increased by 0.25 […]

The Search For Income: Great Savings Robbery Revisited

As interest rates remain stubbornly in the Doldrums, the search for income becomes more of an imperative. Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick, looks at this imperative from the perspective of the pension saver in today’s blog. And we thought we’d revisit our news coverage of what we have consistently described as the Great Savings Robbery. Here’s […]

It’s Fresh! New Sandwich-Lovers’ Loan

As promised yesterday, here is the remainder of the coverage of the FCA response to MP Andrew Tyrie’s queries regarding peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.   The FCA has its own concerns about consumer understanding of risk. There is some evidence that FCA and Tyrie are right to be concerned —37% of UK consumers who are aware of P2P […]

P2P: A Primer For Would-Be Lenders

Today we focus on the lending side of the crowdfunding equation. At Money&Co., we bring together lenders looking for a good return on capital together with careful vetted borrowing businesses seeking funds to expand. Lenders who have funded the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking credit on the Money&Co. platform, which has facilitated loans of […]

Babes In P2P Wood – Still Alive And Lending!

Is it all too good to be true? This month’s emergency Budget and the excellent news about the advent of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) was rapturously received by much of the media. Now, there’s a slight shift of emphasis after the understandably shocked and terrified Cash ISA providers have launched expensive media campaigns focused […]

CityAM Crowdfunding Primer Aimed At The Crowd To-Be

Our friends at CityAM are beginning to distinguish themselves as crowdfunding commentators among mainstream media. This entertaining primer, aimed at the majority of readers (the crowd-to-be) who still need basic information, focuses primarily on equity crowdfunding – that’s share investment, primarily in start-ups. “Crowdfunding is widely defined as a (usually large) group of people donating, […]

Rewards And Risks Of P2P Lending – The Times Takes A 10-Year View

“Soulful Food is one of the businesses to have benefited from a peer-to-peer loan from Money&Co.,” writes The Times. Regular readers will know that at Money&Co. we tend to think of ourselves as new kids on the financial block. That’s a reasonable position: tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of our formal, St Patrick’s Day […]