Monthly Archives: March 2022

Interest Rate Rises To Float Deposit Account And P2P Boats

The story of alternative finance is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a story of continuous parallel development. The alternative world develops and influences the mainstream. The genesis of peer-to-peer (P2P) finance was born of the need for alternative funding (and for lenders, yield source) not to be found in the mainstream. P2P loans of course are very different […]

UK FinTech Sector Booms – Plus Loan Auction Latest

Things in the UK FinTech sector are good, and getting better – according to recent research showcased by our friends at The Fintech Times. We run an excerpt below: Dealroom, the data provider on startups, growth companies and tech ecosystems, has analysed findings for the UK’s Digital Economy Council that suggest the UK’s digital economy is now […]

More Signs Of Life In Digital Savings Market – Plus Loan Auction Latest

With higher interest rates a widely predicted factor in our financial future, Fintech banking products are set to proliferate in the retail savings area. We’ve reported recent developments – and on banking products they must not be confused with P2P loan offerings of the type furnished on this platform – and will continue to do […]

Bank Saving Products Edge Up Yield Curve – Plus Loan Auction latest

One thing guaranteed to drive financial watchdogs mad is unfair investment comparison. It’s simply wrong to compare high-yielding products with inherent risk to bank deposits, which are safer but typically have much lower returns. Nevertheless, some operators do it – knowing that they ought not to – very frequently. At Money&Co., we offer carefully vetted […]

UK Strives For Global FinTech Leadership – Plus Loan Auction Latest

More moves on the PR front from the UK’s industry body Innovate Finance. It’s just launched the International FinTech Group to promote the UK as a global leader in the Fintech sector. This move follows the publication of the Kalifa Review of UK FinTech in 2021. We’ve reported on the Kalifa review before, and blogged on it […]