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Time For An Early-Bird IFISA Investment Review – Plus Loan Latest

It’s very early in the new tax year – but surely a good time for an early-bird review of your investments. If you’re looking for income for your annual £20,000 Individual Savings Account allowance, and are prepared to take on board a degree of risk you should take a look at Money&Co.’s portfolio service. Note: […]

Disrupt? Collaborate? Just Keep The Crowd In Crowdfunding!

Today, we offer a view of the industry from our cousins across the Atlantic. Hedge-fund database, Hedgeco, runs a blog suggesting that Fintech is both disruptive and collaborative. “Instead of alternative finance trying to replace bank loans and venture capital, there is an emerging collaborative model where digital platforms are working alongside conventional investors. “Several […]

Keep Charges On The Leash! P2P IFISA Returns Must Not Be Blighted

Peer-to-peer (P2P) returns can be excellent. For risk-aware lenders looking for good returns on capital by lending to carefully vetted small-business borrowers, P2P is well worth a close look. The average gross return on loans facilitated by this site is just under 9 per cent (that’s 8 net – taking off our 1 per cent charge). […]

Early Investors Harvest More Income From IFISA Allowance

As the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending industry matures, so the quality of reporting and assessment improves. We thoroughly agree with the words below from Goji Insight – even if the site’s comparison base is very small (it does not include Money&Co., along with many others). Nevertheless, the point about the benefits of investing early is very well […]