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European Authorities Tell Crowdfunders To Get a Move On

Remember the need for speed? Sadly, we’re not talking Top Gun, but crowdfunding… Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on the European way of moving things on, and discover that the Europeans themselves find the slowness of the bureaucracy frustrating. It’s possibly a very, very small silver lining in the dark cloud of Brexit… The European Securities […]

Beware Central Banks Selling CBDC Gifts…

The Norwegians are getting in on the pretend-crypto (aka Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDCs) act. CBDCs are not – repat, not – genuine cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have a decentralised algorithm at the heart of their money system – the maths is on charge, not a central ledger run by a central bank. CBDCs sound like […]

The Cyber World Is Coming Home To Roost

At some stage, we’ll stop pointing out the ever-faster tide of events bring the cyber and the digital into our homes and wallets. At some stage, but not yet. The latest snippet comes from our friends at news platform, Altfi. Having captured seven per cent of all UK SMEs at the start of the year, Tide is now partnering […]

Another One Bites At Banking Licence – AltFi Going Mainstream

The ever-changing banking sector is where it’s at, folks. As regular visitors to this News site will know, a banking licence is on the horizon for this particular alternative-finance niche lender – and this is all part of the phenomenon of the alternative sector morphing into the mainstream. Our friends at Altfi report a development […]

Where We Are Amid British Banks And Latest Innovations

British banking, British challenger banks, British alternative finance. Amid that general swirl of techie excitement is Money&Co., a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender turned niche lender/digital boutique bank (once we get that licence!). Our friends at the Fintech Times report on the British Bank Awards, a category of which the FTT sponsored. We weren’t directly involved – […]

Interest Rate Rises To Float Deposit Account And P2P Boats

The story of alternative finance is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a story of continuous parallel development. The alternative world develops and influences the mainstream. The genesis of peer-to-peer (P2P) finance was born of the need for alternative funding (and for lenders, yield source) not to be found in the mainstream. P2P loans of course are very different […]