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Digital Wallet Study Presages Future Of Money Transactions

The future is almost with us. Our friends at Finextra run a report on the biggest study of mobile wallets – the digital devices that store cryptocurrencies – in the world. Released by payments fintech Boku, with data from Juniper Research, the research reveals that Europe will be home to four of the ten fastest-growing countries for […]

Trade Associations Seek To Shape Crypto Framework – Plus Loan Latest

The mainstream of the financial world is moving as fast and as far as it can to accommodate the irresistible advance of cryptocurrencies. Our friends at Finextra report: A group of trade associations have called on the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to revise its proposed punitive rules on investments in crypto assets by financial […]

When Worlds Collide – More Fallout From The Advance Of Cryptos

More flak from the high-speed collision between cryptocurrencies and mainstream finance. Our friends at Finextra report the latest: The Securities and Exchange Commission intends to sue Coinbase over a planned interest-earning product, says the cryptocurrency exchange. Last week, the SEC sent Coinbase a Wells notice warning that it intends to sue in court over the […]

The Rise Of The Cryptocurrencies Continues With Austrian Platform Deal

Today we bring you news from Austria – there’s an English version of the website for non-German speakers. With three risk models for its standard portfolios, this is an interesting option for those looking to start investing in cryptocurrency. Yet further evidence of the rapid progress of cryptos towards the mainstream. Our friends at Altfi […]

Cryptos Are Here, There, Everywhere… Including Messi’s Pay Packet

Cryptocurrencies are here, there and soon to be everywhere, as todays’ two news items demonstrate. The Fintech Times offers a crypto-scam update: A poll by European law firm Fieldfisher revealed over 93% of businesses are uncertain or have no idea what to do if they fall victim to cyber fraud. Lack of preparedness for responding to cyber […]

Bring It On! Evidence Mounts Of Public’s Desire For Cryptos

The sceptics have had their day. In case  you hadn’t noticed, cryptocurrencies have almost certainly gained critical mass in their acceptance by mainstream finance. Moreover, the enthusiasm for cryptos among the general public is strong and growing, with evidence to this effect appearing daily for those who want to see it. Our friends at Altfi […]

Cryptos March On, Amid Warnings To US Senate

The march of the cryptocurrencies, monitored and reported regularly in this News section, is relentless. Our Friends at Finextra report the latest: Zodia Custody, a digital asset joint venture operation between Standard Chartered and Northern Trust, has received regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and is now providing commercial services to clients as a […]

CBDCs Move Forward As Crypto Competitor

As regular visitors to our News section will be aware, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a coming thing. Cynics would say CBDCs are merely a way of distracting consumers from investing in true cryptocurrencies. CBDCs are digital, but not crypto – since they are controlled by central banks. However, they are soon to be […]