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FinTech’s Crypto Offering Moves Towards Mainstream – Plus Loan Latest

Digital bank Revolut is in the vanguard of bringing the alternative-finance sector into the mainstream. Its latest move takes it closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for all of its users’ financial needs. Our friends at AltFi carry the tale: The fintech, which is well on its way to becoming a financial ‘super app’, has added 11 […]

Cryptoland M&A Activity Surges – Plus Loan Latest

After an unsurprisingly difficult 2020, this year is set to show solid growth in crypto-related mergers and acquisitions, according to extensively quoted research from PWC. The data shows that the crypto M&A sector more than doubled last year to $1.1 billion from 2019 figures. This year’s surge in crypto prices is leading a major boom […]

Bank Governor Claims Cryptos Not Ready To Be Trusted Payment System

You may have missed it, but the annual gathering of the great and the good at the economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, is taking place. It’s all happening virtually, ie, online. There have been a couple of amusingly self-deprecating comments from senior journalist bemoaning the loss of endless refreshments. There’s also been some news, notably […]

Storm Brews As Cryptos and Central Governments Collide

There’s a big storm brewing over the resurgence of cryptocurrencies. The adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment by the like of Paypal has prompted some panicky measures by central government and their regulators. Finextra reports a strident move by US authorities: The US Securities and Exchange Commission is gearing up to take enforcement […]

Bitcoin Surge Prompts Rush To Get Digital-Currency Education

Bitcoin’s crazy journey from high to high is set to have major ramifications. There’s a whole education and training industry shaping up, for example. That’s possibly just a precursor to the massive change we’ll see if digital currencies are generally accepted as a medium of value exchange. But anyway, here’s the latest educational snippet, from […]

Convergence Latest: Mainstream Finance Looks To Offer Crypto Custody

Today we bring you more news of the gathering pace of convergence between cryptocurrencies and mainstream finance. This is clearly driven by the price resurgence of flagship crypto, Bitcoin. What’s driving that is another matter… Finextra reports: Asset servicer Northern Trust and Standard Chartered have sought to capitalise on the growing demand for cryptocurrency services […]