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Norway Makes Move On Crypto Market With Its Own CBDC

The inexorable desire of the mainstream to annex the alternative sector continues. We’ve reported and blogged on this before. Digital does note mean crypto… The latest development is revealed by our friends at Finextra. Norway’s central bank has made the source code for its CBDC sandbox publicly available and confirmed that the prototype infrastructure for […]

Mainstream Class Action Against Coinbase Is Test Case

The ambivalence between the mainstream and the alternative finance world continues. And here’s a test case, as reported by our friends at Finextra. We’ll be watching this one with the greatest of interest… The world’s largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, is facing a Federal Class Action lawsuit over allegations that it failed to secure user accounts […]

Weakness In Crypto Land Sees Regulators Look To Clamp Down

  On the one hand cryptocurrencies are marching inevitably forward, infiltrating the FinTech sector amongst others – see yesterday’s lead News story.  On the other, it’s as though the “establishment” had been biding its time – waiting for weakness (in the form of falling prices and a grizzly bear market) before pushing back and clamping […]

Cryptocurrencies Gaining Traction In FinTech World

Regular readers will know that we see the quiet revolution happening outside our windows in the shape of cryptocurrencies as an important part our reporting remit. Witness the many News stories and Blogs. Having settled a small slice of home business, with the successful £300 loan auction by litigation finance providers Harris&Co. last week, it’s […]

Cryptos Coming Soon – To High-Street ATM Near You

Following on from yesterday’s News story, we’ll know when cryptocurrencies have truly arrived once we cannot get away from them. As good a measure of common availability is their increasing accessibility in the hight street, via ATMs. Our friends at the Fintech Times report a follow-up ale to yesterday’s news. Cryptocurrencies’ rising popularity has seen […]

Regulators And Cryptos; We Pick A Winner

From a recent News item – a moment of digital reflection… Irresistible forces and immovable objects have a fair bit of history. Inevitably, the irresistible force ends up the winner. In FinTech, cryptos are the coming thing. And nothing, it seems, can stop them. The UK’s top financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is […]

Cryptos March Onto Your Mobile – Plus Loan Auction Latest

The march of the cryptocurrency world continues. Digital wealth manager Moneybox is best known for an app that encourages individuals to save in a broad spread of investments via their mobile phones. Our friends at Altfi bring news of an expansion of the offering to include cryptos: [Moneybox] has raised £35m from asset management giant Fidelity in […]