Monthly Archives: June 2022

CCAF FinTech Resilience Study – Plus Loan Offer Latest

The Global COVID-19 Fintech Impact and Resilience Study, published by the Cambridge Centre of Alterative Finance (CCAF), the World Bank Group, and the World Economic Forum, has concluded that the fintech industry was more resilient to the pandemic than previously stated in an earlier report from December 2020. Money&Co. was one of 1,448 fintech platforms […]

New Loan Offer (A Rating, 8% Yield) – Bids Surge To 47%

A new loan offer from a familiar borrower, Harris & Co. in the litigation claim sector, is available on site, and attracting plenty of attention. Below is some detail of the offering, which is risk-rated A by our credit committee. Borrowing requirement: £100,000 Loan term: 12 months Purpose: Funding disbursements for cavity wall insulation (CWI) […]

Interest Rate Hikes Raise Yield Bar – Plus Loan Offer Latest

The conventional wisdom – ie, widely accepted foolishness – is that we in the UK are hurtling back to the 1970s. Economic stagnation, coupled with inflation and general discontent are certainly on the scene. And now, after years of pretty much non-existent returns, cash deposit savers are getting a break, with new accounts offering some […]

Altfi Star Player SME Achieves Client Milestone – Plus Loan Offer Latest

The epithet “trailblazer” is often overused. But our colleagues in the alternative finance sector, Starling Bank, richly merit the name. There’s an arguably unresolved issue over governmental Covid-recovery loans (our view of the allegations is clear enough from our coverage – and from the lack of fire following the somewhat dubious smoke). Nevertheless, Starling remains […]

British Business Bank Reports Thriving SME Market – Plus Loan Offer Latest

Whether a summer of discontent lies ahead or not, the immediate past has been pretty rosy for the small-business sector that Money&Co. and its cohorts serve. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: The British Business Bank has shared the results of its annual Small Business Equity Tracker and the numbers for 2021 appear pretty strong. The Equity Tracker uses data […]

Alternative Banks Transfer Into Mainstream – Plus Loan Latest

The day will shortly dawn when the distinction between “alternative” and “mainstream” finance becomes meaningless. The established banks are stampeding into digital banking, open banking and the like. Meanwhile, “alternative” financial institutions – a category that includes Money&Co. – are  seeking to broaden their product ranges to high-street levels. Our friends at Altfi report the […]

Covid Loans Doing The Job – Plus Loan Offer Latest

When it comes to Covid-related business loans – the emergency measures rushed into place in March 2020 and later – there’s been a lot of analysis gifted with the benefit of twenty-twenty hindsight. Amid the rather hostile criticism that predominates, good news is being reported. Our friends at Altfi convey the latest: Now, new research […]