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FinTech: UK Reportedly Leads In Open Banking

Let’s forget, if we can, the nonsense and instability surrounding the UK and its politics. Looking at FinTech as a separate village industry, the UK’s sector offers shelter, harmony and peace. More or less, anyway. Our friends at Altfi report: The UK has taken the top spot in a league table ranking open banking adoption […]

Open Banking Or Free-For-All? CMA Latest

Like all the best problems, a simple answer demands complex thinking. Open Banking, with its opening up of data paths, seems such a good idea. The difficulty is how to stop it becoming a free-for-all. The Fintech Times reports on some of the early successes and failures as the mainstream and alternative-finance players seek to […]

Open Banking’s Next Step – Plus Loan Auction Latest

It’s rare that a genuinely original idea comes along. And the essence of originality is often simplicity. We like the look of this simple, logical extension of the open-banking principle. We’ll be watching this one carefully. As reported by our friends at Altfi. Challenger bank Shawbrook has come up with a unique proposition to encourage its customers […]

Open Banking Opens Up – Plus Loan Latest

The UK’s leading financial regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has introduced a liberal measure that many in the industry see as a major stimulus for the growth of open banking. This will see further convergence between the alternative-finance sector and the mainstream. Our friends at Altfi report: [The FCA] is looking to scrap a key […]

Open Banking Rings Altfi Changes – Plus Loan Latest

Digital banks, challenger banks (not quite the same thing) and the open banking initiative are individually and collectively ringing changes in the alternative-finance sector. Our friends at Altfi report the latest: UK Open Banking is undergoing its biggest shakeup in years. The body established by the CMA’s Retail Banking Market Investigation Order in 2017 to deliver open […]

Open Banking In UK Gets ‘Hurry Up’ Call

The UK’s progress in developing open banking comes in for some implicit criticism in this piece by our friends at Altfi, who look abroad for comparisons. Action is required to avoid the UK falling behind other open banking regimes like Australia and South Korea, according to policy group Coadec. The UK’s open banking industry, which […]