Monthly Archives: July 2017

Alternative Finance Volumes Up, As Latest A-Rated Loan Offer Closes Today

We hesitate to say it’s “business as usual”, since we’re not alone in wondering what “usual” is nowadays. It’s certainly not “normal”… In any event, recent figures from government quango, Innovate Finance, as reported by our friends at AltFi, indicate that volume has picked up in the alternative-finance sector.   “The United Kingdom attracted £432m […]

Equity And Debt Crowdfunding Compared – The Case For A Balanced Portfolio

Our crowdfunding cousins and friends on the equity side of the fence at Angels Den have launched a new fund of hand-picked (but by definition high-risk) investment companies. We believe that a sensible investor could and probably should find room for different asset classes in a balanced portfolio. So an offering from a high-quality company […]

Digital Convergence Latest: P2P And Challenger Banks

Thanks to our friends at AltFi for the latest report on the convergence of mainstream and “alternative” finance. The over-used epithet “disruption” really does apply to financial technology. Administration and credit analysis are both massively enhanced by the advent of cutting-edge technology. For now, at least, big data and artificial intelligence alone are not enough […]

Property Market: P2P And Credit Regulation Offer Mixed Blessings

What impact will peer-to-peer (P2P) lending have on the property market? Our friends at The Scotsman run a well-argued opinion piece by debt adviser Jamie Davidson Conduit Finance. Mr Davidson confines himself to the Scottish market, but his views are applicable across the UK. His thoughts on the relationship between regulation and credit cost are […]

FinTech’s Push-Button Future Proposals – Thanks, But What About Privacy?

Getting everything done at the touch of a button sounds like a great idea. But what about privacy? Our friends at P2P Finance News report a fine-looking initiative from the UK government, which is definitely a friend of the financial-technology (FinTech) sector. But the Treasury’s attempts to create a better environment for FinTech sound a […]

P2P’s Mainstream Tendency, Defaults And Loan Latest – A Three-Way Take

Today, we bring you three snippets of news and analysis. First is coverage from, a site that has its own take on the story we reported here concerning the recent announcement of small-company funding by the British Business Bank in conjunction with peer-to-peer (P2P0 lenders such as Money&Co. The folks at alight on […]

British Business Bank And P2P Sector Deliver £717m Credit To Fund-Hungry SMEs

It’s often dangerous to draw broad conclusions from small data sets. But our own positive experience of demand for peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans (from individual lenders and borrowing SMEs alike) is mirrored in the larger picture reported by our friends at P2P Finance News.   “PEER-TO-PEER lenders were among the delivery partners helping the British […]