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Altfi Sector And P2P Part Ways – Plus Loan Latest

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending section of the alternative-finance sector continues to evolve. Our strategy of niche lending here at Money&Co. is clear, as evidenced by this recent News report. Our friends at Altfi report the latest developments in the P2P sector: Lending Works, one of the oldest UK peer-to-peer lending platforms, is exiting the retail funding […]

Bid Process, Managed Portfolio Option – And A-Rated, 7% Yield Loan Latest

Our latest loan offering, A-rated and yielding seven per cent, is currently 15 per cent filled. As it attracts bids from registered lenders the opportunity to review that bid process presents itself. Some of our lenders have been rather passive – they have parked cash in their accounts without allocating it to a loan. That […]

Diversification The Key To Managing Risk – Plus Loan Latest

Spreading capital exposure across a range of assets is an excellent way of lowering risk. For lenders on the Money&Co. site, investing in a portfolio of loans is  good way of achieving this. Below, we set out details of an investment product that facilitates just such an outcome. Diversification in your loan portfolio We run […]

Latest FinTech Initiative Is Rolled Out – Plus Loan Offer Latest

The latest in a long stream of centralised initiatives – whose current and future success remains to be judged – is reported today by our friends at AltFi. We’re keeping a weather eye on the situation. More, assuredly, is to follow. Fintech industry body Tech Nation has today revealed the newest group of fintechs selected […]

The Risk Benefits Of Spreading Investment – Plus Loan Latest

A new loan offering from an established borrower is currently on site (see below). But that’s just one offering. It’s important to remember the risk-mitigation benefits of spreading risk… Diversification is one of the best ways of limiting risk. Our popular managed portfolio service is an efficient way of doing just that. Here’s a brief […]