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The Ever-Changing Face of Digital Money And Its Impact On Mainstream Finance

Our head of communications and content, award-wining journalist Martin Baker, continues his survey of the fast-changing face of digital money and its impact on mainstream finance. The problem most journalists face when writing a story is finding a way in. The usual technique is to wrap your arms around a news event, claim its relevance […]

Europe Takes Closer Look At Digital Finance

Brexit may be officially “done” – although the negotiations and the attempts to ameliorate the trading damage continue apace. Meanwhile the UK FinTech sector is necessarily affected by what happens in Europe. No man – and no industry, certainly – is an island. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: European securities regulator, the European Securities and Markets […]

Central Banks And Private Sector Compete Over Digital Money Supply

There’s competition between “private” money generated by investment banks and Central Bank Digital Currencies, as pointed out in a recent speech by Sir Jon Cunliffe, head of the Bank of England’s CBDC project and a leading light in the Digital Money Institute. The full text of the speech is here. A report by Finextra is […]

Markets Show Strong Appetite For FinTechs

Why do valuations of Fintech companies keep tripling? Our friends at AltFi ask, and partially answer, this question… This year so far has seen some of the biggest fintech funding rounds in history, with some of the biggest names in fintech picking up billions of dollars worth of VC funding. In the first quarter of […]

US Regulators Move To Make More Than Token Gesture

All talk and no tokens – that’s been the sceptic’s take on the move of the mainstream towards alternative finance in general, and cryptocurrencies in particular. The latest move from the United States however, leads us to wonder whether there really is some tangible progress towards convergence. The US regulatory authorities are both more conservative […]

Bitcoin Runs Into ESG Price Brick Wall

Bitcoin, the heavyweight of the cryptocurrency world, has had a relatively tough time recently – following the extraordinary price surges of the early part of the year. The currency is currently trading at just under $45,000 after highs of $64,000. See our recent blog on the topic. Meanwhile, AltFi opines on what it sees as […]

Central Banks Compete To Win CBDC Prominence

Regular readers will be aware of this item, a regular in our News section. There’s a very strange kind of beauty contest going on amongst the world’s central bankers.  The competition is on to produce a widely accepted digital currency. A central bank digital currency (CBDC) will not of course be a true cryptocurrency, as […]

We Buy Any Home – Latest Loan Offering Is Filled

The latest loan offering from, has has successfully filled on the Money&Co. website. The loan is rated A+ and will pay a fixed rate of 7% for a term of 36 months. More loan offerings will land on site shortly. is a leading home-buying company and one of few, cash-funded, home-buying companies in the […]