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Brave New Digital Currency World Lies Before Europe

The new year will see a step change on the acceptance of crypto and digital currencies. Cryptos are decentralised digital currencies, controlled by an independent algorithm. Digital currencies are often centrally administered money in a cute digital format. In the UK, we’ll see retail outlets such as the chemist, Boots, take digital payment. That’s just […]

CBDC International Scramble For Dominance Under Scrutiny

Martin Baker, award-winning journalist and head of communications at Money&Co., continues his take on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).   According to trade commentator NonFungible, trading in NFTs jumped by 300% in 2020 topping $250 million. In 2019, the same report said that the NFT market was a mere $62.8 million having dropped by 68% […]

The Ever-Changing Face of Digital Money And Its Impact On Mainstream Finance

Our head of communications and content, award-wining journalist Martin Baker, continues his survey of the fast-changing face of digital money and its impact on mainstream finance. The problem most journalists face when writing a story is finding a way in. The usual technique is to wrap your arms around a news event, claim its relevance […]

The Democratisation Of Finance Hits A New Level

The leading asset class so far this year? Irony, apparently… AltFi runs a leader that’s both pithy and witty. We have our own views on the democratisation of finance – specifically as manifested in tokens and digital currencies – and we’ll be bringing these to you in a series of blogs shortly. Meanwhile, read and […]