Monthly Archives: November 2020

Market Looking For P2P Improvements

AltFi reports good news on a FinTech outfit which has been – and continues to be, despite this item – surrounded by less than flattering rumours. Below is an excerpt from AltFi’s report (published yesterday) and a share price chart – of purely indicative nature, Googled today – showing a positive market reaction to the […]

Bounce-Back Ball Is In SME Lenders’ Court

The snippets of news keep coming through. With the sunlit uplands officially scheduled for the end of the first quarter next year, the fallout from a super-hurried set of measures to shore up SMEs is beginning to make itself felt. Crowdfundinsider reports: HM Treasury has stated that it’s ultimately the responsibility of lenders, and not […]

FinTechs Jockey For Favourable Consumer Credit Position

The wait-and-see period continues. As we deal with the second Covid-19 wave and wait for vaccine rollout there’s much belt-tightening and general preparation for the battle to come in a world that reverts to the new version of “normal”. In FinTech, we’re seeing plenty of jockeying for position. AltFi reports the latest: London-based Zilch has today become […]

Pace Of FinTech Change Will Begin To Slow As Sector Matures

What a hectic year it’s been. The Covid-19 crisis, and its politicisation, have led to remarkable structural uncertainties playing havoc with the mainstream investment markets. Although quoted US equities have largely recovered from the Covid crash of this Spring, the UK markets are still no more than halfway to recouping their losses. In the shadow […]

Cryptos, Bitcoin and DeFi Revisited

There’s a lot of interest in cryptos again. Bitcoin’s vertiginous climb to the heady height of three years ago is a sign of this. But much of the interest comes from decentralised Finance ( buzz area if ever there was one). Crowdfundinsider runs a primer on DeFi and other hot topics in a revved-up crypto […]

Venture Capital Offers Bright Spot In Uncertain UK Future

The stop-start, hot-cold nature of the alternative finance industry in the time of Covid-19 is a continuing theme. Rather than bust, the latest news report from our friends at UK Tech News offers a snapshot of a booming venture-capital industry, at least in London. With the latest vaccine developments and the impact of Brexit (possibly, […]