Monthly Archives: September 2021

Digital Wallet Study Presages Future Of Money Transactions

The future is almost with us. Our friends at Finextra run a report on the biggest study of mobile wallets – the digital devices that store cryptocurrencies – in the world. Released by payments fintech Boku, with data from Juniper Research, the research reveals that Europe will be home to four of the ten fastest-growing countries for […]

FCA And BoE Launch Blockchain-Based Reporting Initiative

The word “blockchain” was once used as a marketing gimmick for companies pivoting into an ill-understood, gimmicky world. But blockchain technology is a good way of organising information without reference to a central agent. And that’s now official – the regulatory authorities are using it in an innovative way. Our friends at Finextra report: The […]

Trade Associations Seek To Shape Crypto Framework – Plus Loan Latest

The mainstream of the financial world is moving as fast and as far as it can to accommodate the irresistible advance of cryptocurrencies. Our friends at Finextra report: A group of trade associations have called on the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to revise its proposed punitive rules on investments in crypto assets by financial […]

JP Morgan Launches Digital Banking – Plus Loan Latest

The FinTech sector continues to expand. Part of that process of expansion is the incursion of the mainstream into the sector. Our friends at Finextra report the latest: JP Morgan is set to open the virtual doors to its long-awaited UK digital retail bank next week. The digital-only lender will initially offer current accounts with […]

When Worlds Collide – More Fallout From The Advance Of Cryptos

More flak from the high-speed collision between cryptocurrencies and mainstream finance. Our friends at Finextra report the latest: The Securities and Exchange Commission intends to sue Coinbase over a planned interest-earning product, says the cryptocurrency exchange. Last week, the SEC sent Coinbase a Wells notice warning that it intends to sue in court over the […]