Monthly Archives: April 2020

Regulatory Rules Need To Change With The Times

These are turbulent times. We note with interest – and approval – the comments from some distinguished operatives in the equity markets. There’s a clamour in some quarter for a complete change of attitude on behalf of the regulatory authorities, who have already suspended a controversial rule more fitted to times of low volatility in […]

Mitigating Risk In An Uncertain World – Our Managed Portfolio Service

Today’s world and its multiple risks surely help us us understand there’s no such thing as a sure thing. But what savvy investors can do is mitigate risk. Spreading your investments is generally accepted as a good way of spreading risk. This brings to mind our managed portfolio service, available to lenders committing £100,000 or […]

Healthcare Sector Finds Financial Favour Amid Covid Crisis

More commentary for these disconcerting times. UKTech News carries a piece arguing that healthcare start-ups are set to blossom in the current environment. Our view is that the Covid crisis is making most investors more risk-averse. That said, profit is made by brave investors, who commit capital when the roar of cannon can (metaphorically) be […]

British Business Bank Expands CBIL Panel – But Is Money Getting Through?

The British Business Bank announces that it has approved four new lenders for accreditation under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), which provides financial support to smaller businesses (SMEs) across the UK that are losing revenue and seeing their cashflow disrupted, as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Good news. However… the information coming […]

Equity Crowdfunding To Challenge VC Funding In Post-Virus AltFi

Marvellous diction from Crowdfundinsider in a piece suggesting equity crowdfunding will replace venture capital, post-Covid-19 era. Nurture those abandoned sprouts, folks… The piece is focused mainly in the US, but the themes are universal. As VC funding dries up Equity Crowdfunding (EC) is ideally positioned to nurture the abandoned sprouts. Since the VC industry was […]

Doing Business In The Time Of Covid-19 – New Loans Latest

Hello. Today, we are very happy to let our friends at P2P Finance News report the latest for us. Money&Co has completed another £1m of litigation finance, as well as a £400,000 loan for music publishing company Bsides Music. The litigation finance is intended for tenants to take action against landlords, or homeowners of new […]

Will Crowd Be Allowed In Coming Great British Recapitalisation?

Great British Recapitalisation anyone? One of the issues that will surely become a hot topic come the end of the Covid-19 epidemic is the refinancing of the British economy. Below, we run an extract from an article that posits one certainty: equity raises will be a key part of the recovery plan. If existing shareholders […]

AltFi Europe In The Time Of Covid-19

The early news of virus fallout from the alternative finance sector is coming in. Below we run an excerpt of news from the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) as reported by our friends at  Crowdfundinsider. Our understanding – and direct experience here at Money&Co. – is that niche players will survive the crisis well. The ECN , […]