Monthly Archives: December 2020

We Try To Spy Out The Key FinTech Trend For 2021

Today is the final day of the prediction season for 2021. The prognostications we’ve seen are pretty standard. We agree with most of them – although of course the majority never really achieves much more than a mediocre consensus: There will be more digitisation of financial services. Mainstream banks are already following the lead of […]

Seasons Greetings – And Early New-Year News

First, we wish or lenders borrower and readers a very happy festive period – if festive it is – and a prosperous 2021. We’ll be blogging our predictions for that year here shortly. Meanwhile, we bring an early snippet of news for next year (see below). The resurgent Bitcoin is having its own second wave. […]

Storm Brews As Cryptos and Central Governments Collide

There’s a big storm brewing over the resurgence of cryptocurrencies. The adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment by the like of Paypal has prompted some panicky measures by central government and their regulators. Finextra reports a strident move by US authorities: The US Securities and Exchange Commission is gearing up to take enforcement […]

Every Credit… Card Company Faces Legal Threat

The Fintech Times reports a story that could be massive. It is certainly underrepresented, if the suit stands a chance of success: Mastercard, one of the worlds largest cards and payment solutions providers, has been accused of allegedly overcharging 46 million British consumers during a 15-year period. A £14bn damages claim on behalf of these brits […]

Asset Diversification Can Help Reduce Investment Risk

It is an eternal truth of the financial world: Spreading investment across asset classes and within asset classes helps to reduce investment risk. At Money&Co. we have a managed portfolio service that does just that – for investors with £100,000 or more to commit to the loan offers on site. Here’s a reminder of what’s […]

Bitcoin Surge Prompts Rush To Get Digital-Currency Education

Bitcoin’s crazy journey from high to high is set to have major ramifications. There’s a whole education and training industry shaping up, for example. That’s possibly just a precursor to the massive change we’ll see if digital currencies are generally accepted as a medium of value exchange. But anyway, here’s the latest educational snippet, from […]

FinTech Sector A Hive Of Activity In Uncertain Times

The FinTech sector in the UK and internationally remains a hive of activity and positivity in an uncertain world. Our friends at Finextra report: Vestrata, a new digital wealth management platform founded by eight former employees from some of the largest wealth managers in the world, has closed a $4m investment round and officially launched, […]

Interesting Times Ahead In FinTech, Reports Say

It’s going to be an interesting year ahead. In a darkly uncertain world, our friends at AltFi offer a small light of certainty: “Without a shadow of a doubt, the battle for Open Banking supremacy is going to be one of the defining fintech stories of 2021,” they report. This nascent industry has roared into […]

Investing Across A Spread Of Assets Can Help Lower Risk

A perennial classic revisited. Spreading capital exposure across a range of assets is an excellent way of lowering risk. For lenders on the Money&Co. site, investing in a portfolio of loans is  good way of achieving this. Below, we set out details of an investment product that facilitates just such an outcome. Diversification in your […]