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FinTech Sector A Hive Of Activity In Uncertain Times

The FinTech sector in the UK and internationally remains a hive of activity and positivity in an uncertain world. Our friends at Finextra report: Vestrata, a new digital wealth management platform founded by eight former employees from some of the largest wealth managers in the world, has closed a $4m investment round and officially launched, […]

European Equity Powers Ahead – Plus P2P 8% Yield Loan Latest

Let’s take a quick trip back to the world of equity crowdfunding. We regularly cover equity investment – which carries risk that is generally higher than P2P risk (there’s still a high failure rate amongst start-up companies). The upside is very different – and can be very attractive if the investee company takes off. We […]

Eyes Forward – SME Funding Sources For 2017

It’s that time of year again. We’re looking forward to 2017 with all kinds of eager anticipation – so long as our eyes remain firmly trained on this side of the Atlantic (and that’s all we’re saying about that). So: entrepreneur-turned-investor and Worth Capital co-founder Matthew Cushen assesses the options for funding small businesses in […]

UK Start-Ups Want To Stay In Europe

We are running the risk, with apologies, of  boring our readers and users senseless with yet more on the Brexit question. If you aren’t bored of Brexit now, you probably will be in three months’ and three-and-a-bit weeks’ time. Nevertheless, it is important – and so we run this by our friends and colleagues at the […]

The Secrets Of Start-Up Success

Thanks to our friends at This Is Money, the online arm of the Mail newspapers, for this article on the wit and wisdom (well, we would say that wouldn’t we?) of our CEO, Nicola Horlick. “In the first of our Start-Up Secrets series, multi-talented entrepreneur and investment veteran Nicola Horlick reveals who inspired her the […]