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Savers In Rate-Cut Crisis – But Managed Portfolio Offers 7% For Risk-Aware Investors

We’ve said it many times before (just search against ‘Money&Co. great savings robbery’) – yield-hungry savers have a rough deal. Here’s a piece on dismal Cash ISA returns when in the relatively halcyon days when base rates were more than one per cent… Sadly, this week things got even worse. Our friends at This Is […]

SMEs Still Not Making Most Of ‘Gift-Wrapped’ Funding Opportunity

One of the recurring themes of the alternative finance sector is the difficulty it has had in making a connection with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Yesterday, we brought you news of self-funding by many in the sector. Today, we offer an excerpt from a This is Money report on the limited success of the […]

Your Guide To P2P Investment – The Essential Questions

We’ve come across an interesting feature from This Is Money on how to decide on whether a peer-to-peer (P2P) investment as an alternative to cash is a good idea. Peer-to-Peer lending offers an alternative, particularly in the property space, as a viable, high return option that offers a good level of security for their funds. […]

The Search For Income, Part II – Plus Loan Latest

Yesterday, ahead of the arrival of a major new loan offering on site, we looked at the income-seekers’ dilemma. Using research from the comparison site, Money Facts, we highlighted the news that the best easy-access cash accounts offer around a measly 1 per cent. But it seems there’s a better account out there – though there’s so […]

Sun Shines On British Business Bank And SME Funding

If funding for small companies had its own weather report, it would probably be something like: “Sunny, with occasional showers.” Although some media reports indicate that small businesses don’t seem to be aware of alternative funding sources, such as the loans facilitated between individuals and borrowing companies by Money&Co., others cite evidence that funding is […]

The Secrets Of Start-Up Success

Thanks to our friends at This Is Money, the online arm of the Mail newspapers, for this article on the wit and wisdom (well, we would say that wouldn’t we?) of our CEO, Nicola Horlick. “In the first of our Start-Up Secrets series, multi-talented entrepreneur and investment veteran Nicola Horlick reveals who inspired her the […]