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Income-Starved Cash Investors Need Helping Hand From P2P Sector

Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick takes a close look at recent figures released by the taxman, and draws some sobering conclusions for savers who stick with cash deposit accounts (bearing in mind that inflation has been running at nearly 3.5 per cent for several months). Below the highlights of HMRC’s data, we list Nicola’s principal conclusions. […]

Cash ISA Returns: Dismal, Depressing – Or Just Daylight Robbery?

We have spent hours doing some important numbers. Our objective was to calculate the average return on Cash ISAs. Bear in mind that the current rate of retail price inflation in the UK stands at 3 per cent. The average Cash ISA yield came out at… 1.03 per cent. Money&Co. looked at 233 ISA-investable cash accounts. […]

The Search For Income, Part II – Plus Loan Latest

Yesterday, ahead of the arrival of a major new loan offering on site, we looked at the income-seekers’ dilemma. Using research from the comparison site, Money Facts, we highlighted the news that the best easy-access cash accounts offer around a measly 1 per cent. But it seems there’s a better account out there – though there’s so […]