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Equity Crowdfunding Merger Hits Rocks. Plus Loan Latest

Further to yesterday’s news item, the big equity crowdfunding deal on the other side of the alternative-finance fence has hit the regulatory rocks. AltFi reports: Just hours after the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) threw a wrench in Seedrs and Crowdcube’s plan to merge, both platforms have agreed to terminate the merger. “We’re obviously disappointed with the CMA’s findings but we […]

Consolidation In Play On Equity Side Of Alternative-Finance Fence

Once upon a time “crowdfunding” was not just a buzzword, but a widely misunderstood one.  For a while it was synonymous in some minds with the idea of equity investment in small, highly speculative start-up businesses – many of which fail (as many as three in four after three years, according to some sources). We […]

European Equity Powers Ahead – Plus P2P 8% Yield Loan Latest

Let’s take a quick trip back to the world of equity crowdfunding. We regularly cover equity investment – which carries risk that is generally higher than P2P risk (there’s still a high failure rate amongst start-up companies). The upside is very different – and can be very attractive if the investee company takes off. We […]

Equity Versus Debt: We Look At Risk And Rewards For P2P And Beyond

Investing in peer-to-peer (P2P) loans has its attractions, especially for the income-hungry. It also has its risks – which are prominently displayed on this site, including the Home Page and the risk warnings run at the foot of almost every article. But investing in the P2P platforms that provide the loans is something that can […]

Risks, Rewards Of Equity And P2P Compared – Plus 8% Yield Loan Latest

A recent story (see below) reinforces the worth of reminding readers again of the difference between equity and debt crowdfunding – the P2P loans that are offered on this site, for example. Here, Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, explains the pluses and minuses in a recent column in CityA.M. “The risks to individuals investing in startups are […]