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Revolut Sees Digital Horizon For SME Business Admin

It’s difficult not to have a soft spot for Revolut, not least because Martin Gilbert, the brilliant founder of Aberdeen Asset Management (known as Abrdn, nowadays after a daft re-branding), is a driving force of the digital bank. Revolut’s latest move is to provide small-business administrative services that the mainstream banks try and often fail […]

The Digital Banking Revolution Unfurls Across Europe

The revolution is coming – in the form of Revolut. Revolut has a pending application for a UK banking licence, and is expanding rapidly across Europe. Our friends at Altfi run the story: Digital banking challenger Revolut is inviting more of its customers to upgrade to a full bank account, after rolling out its Lithuanian banking licence across ten […]

Still Getting Away With Great Savings Robbery

Savers have had a miserable few years. We have characterised this period of very low yields on deposit accounts as the Great Savings Robbery. Little is changing in this respect, as our friends at Altfi report: Digital banking service Revolut today announced it’s introducing interest rates on savings vaults for its non-fee paying customers. The fintech is […]

Revolut Hastens Irresistible Advance of Cryptocurrencies Into Mainstream,

Today, more on the overarching theme of this year’s News coverage – the irresistible advance of cryptocurrencies into mainstream finance. Our friends at Finextra report the latest from the UK’s leading challenger bank, Revolut: Revolut is to allow customers to transfer their bitcoin holdings to wallets outside the superapp’s ecosystem, addressing a long-standing gripe about […]

FinTech’s Crypto Offering Moves Towards Mainstream – Plus Loan Latest

Digital bank Revolut is in the vanguard of bringing the alternative-finance sector into the mainstream. Its latest move takes it closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for all of its users’ financial needs. Our friends at AltFi carry the tale: The fintech, which is well on its way to becoming a financial ‘super app’, has added 11 […]

FinTech Challenger Banks Set Sites On Champion Status

The days of the “challenger” banks are surely soon to end. Quite simply, the FinTech challengers are set to become the champions. Our friends at UK TechCrunch report the latest and most significant big deal in the sector: Challenger banks continue to see huge infusions of cash from investors bullish on the opportunity for smaller […]

Revolut Widens Open Banking Operations Amid US IPO Speculation

More movement in the open-banking sector. The high street and the financial-services sector will look radically different in the summer, when we hope some semblance of normality returns. Our friends at Finextra carry the story. Atom Bank has signed a deal with Plaid to introduce Open Banking and payment initiation services to small business customers. […]

FinTech Big Dogs Are Better Than Unicorns

We’re not sure whether the FinTech sector can be said to have big dogs. There are unicorns aplenty, with billion-dollar valuations formulated in the fertile imaginations of venture capitalists. Big dogs, however, are real businesses, operating in a real business environment. If there is a UK FinTech big dog, we’d say challenger bank Revolut was […]

FinTech Sector Can Lead Way Through Difficult Times

Amid the doom, gloom and uncertainty, it’s good to see the FinTech standard-bearer, Revolut, forging ahead. We’ll be doing more business as usual very soon (see below). Meanwhile, our friends at AltFi take up the Revolut story. Digital banking service Revolut has given regular customers access to cryptocurrency trading for the first time, a feature previously reserved […]