Monthly Archives: June 2016

Crowdfunding Needs To Be Understood On Standard Terms

Vannessa Cowling, general counsel of equity platform VentureFounders, writes in TechCityNews on a subject close to our crowdfunding hearts – getting the simple things, like names, right. Ms Cowling (see excerpt, below) solicits industry views on standardising terminology. “In 2013, when crowdfunding was first gaining momentum in the market, in the consultation paper ‘The FCA’s […]

Brexit: A News Briefing For Anyone Just Landed From Mars

There’s only one news story this week, of course – Martians have invaded Earth. OK, we’re kidding. And if you hadn’t worked that one out, you’ve probably been living on Mars yourself these last few days. Here’s Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick’s blog reaction to the Brexit victory in the referendum:  “There are no immediate implications […]

New Loan: Advisor Firm Seeks Acquisition Funds

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new loan offering. The borrower soliciting funds is an independent financial planning and advisory firm based in Cardiff with, in its own words, “a core focus on wealth planning and family businesses. The company’s focus on customer service and long-term financial planning as opposed to one-off […]

Savings Solution To £4.3bn Funding Gap Is ‘Under Our Noses’

Is the solution to SME liquidity problems really this obvious? We run a guest blog from the crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd, which suggests this may be so. Implementation or execution (aka persuasion) however, may be a lot more difficult…  Another Crowd Blog One of the biggest issues in alternative finance is how to improve […]

Can We Finally Fill £4.3bn SME Funding Gap?

Today, we look at an old problem from a new perspective. The problem is, in a sense, the reason we exist – the small-business (or small and medium-sized enterprise, aka SME) funding gap, This gap, also known as the Macmillan gap, following research conducted on this very issue in the 1930s, is the difference between funds […]