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Technology Companies’ Nerve Scrutinised – Plus Loans Latest

The alternative-finance industry is holding its breath. Well, our equity-raising cousins on the other side of the crowdfunding fence certainly seem to be, ahead of the Budget later this month. As we’ve often stated, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a viable asset class with a high yield and low risk, relative to equity crowdfunding. P2P is […]

Crowdfunding Needs To Be Understood On Standard Terms

Vannessa Cowling, general counsel of equity platform VentureFounders, writes in TechCityNews on a subject close to our crowdfunding hearts – getting the simple things, like names, right. Ms Cowling (see excerpt, below) solicits industry views on standardising terminology. “In 2013, when crowdfunding was first gaining momentum in the market, in the consultation paper ‘The FCA’s […]

VentureFounders: A Practical Guide To SME Funding

Start-ups and small businesses need finance to thrive.  James Codling, co-founder of equity crowdfunding platform, VentureFounders, explains his own and his company’s approach to finding the best funding route. See the link below. James knows a thing or two about start-ups, having founded his own winery in South America, where he turned barren land into […]