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CCAF Report Shows Robust Altfi Industry In UK And Europe

The Cambridge Centre For Alternative Finance (CCAF) has just issued its latest global report on alternative finance. Money&Co. participated in this important piece of research. The full report is available here. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider highlight various points from this huge piece of work. Here’s an excerpt of the reporting on Europe and the UK’s […]

Mainstream Goes Fishing For Alternative Solutions – Plus Loan Latest

The gap between alternative finance and the mainstream gets ever closer. Whether the fresh thinking from the alternative sector will inform mainstream thinking or whether the alternative will simply become subsumed within conventional ways of doing business remains to be seen. Our friends at AltFi report the latest. Michael Spencer, the billionaire Icap founder, is […]

AltFi Industry Still Has Work To Do In Educating SMEs

The alternative-finance industry is trying hard to make headway, but there’s still plenty of work to do. As we bring individuals seeking a good return on capital together with carefully vetted small business looking for the funds to grow, Money&Co. has moved smoothly past the £10 million mark in loans facilitated since 2014. The average […]

Alternative Finance Volumes Up, As Latest A-Rated Loan Offer Closes Today

We hesitate to say it’s “business as usual”, since we’re not alone in wondering what “usual” is nowadays. It’s certainly not “normal”… In any event, recent figures from government quango, Innovate Finance, as reported by our friends at AltFi, indicate that volume has picked up in the alternative-finance sector.   “The United Kingdom attracted £432m […]

Getting Fooled Again? Alternative Finance In A Post-Fact World

Today, we’re showcasing a forthcoming new book on alternative finance and its future in a post-fact, post-truth world. Getting Fooled Again? comes from the pen of award-winning author and journalist, Martin Baker. See this extended extract from the publishers…   “The world of alternative finance (altfi), crowdfunding and financial technology (FinTec), has sprung up to […]

Crowdfunded P2P IFISAs Set For Lift-Off

The last two UK government administrations have taken a helpful and enlightened view of the alternative-finance industry. At Money&Co., we believe that alternative finance wants to be considered mainstream, and for the assets it deals in – notably crowdfunded equity and debt – to be accepted as a legitimate asset class. The new Innovative Finance […]